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My handle is based on many different things.
My real first name is rather long, so I didn't want to use it as my username.
My first name starts with a D. My real last name starts with an S. So the initials are the exact same :)
How I began using Dawn... When I go out, meeting new people. I fake my name. I use the name Dawn, which was given to me as a fake name by my best friend.
I chose Stone because I just loved the way it sounded. Back in 9th grade, my friend made this chart of random names which are determined by your birth date. Mine ended up being Stone Heart. Offended, as it reminded me of being cold-hearted, the memory stuck in my mind, even until now.
I wish I had some cool reason of why I chose Dawn Stone, but truthfully, Dawn is one of my nicknames and Stone just sounded good. (:
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