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I have to write something in here. it wont let me save unless i do. lol. :)

“Life is a lie, with others believing it. It lies with you in bed while you sleep, rocking you and singing you lies of love , care, and of the world. Passion and tenderness to give, but hate and terror we deliver instead. Show no mercy I say, since it is not shown to me. A life is a lie, especially when you stare it in the eyes day and night. A dying wish I ask for, will you be the last love? I sleep to a question and wake to no answer, but I wait to my dying breath. Do not be a lie when I heard to many, just be the truth. Be the light and not the dark. For the light can guide you through many paths, but the darkness can lead you to a whole new world of death. A life is a lie, when you show an act of love to others, but when you get home you show an act of hate. So LOVE don’t hate.”
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