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Baltimore, Baltimore! I Love You Baltimore!
Baltimore, Baltimore! I Love You, Baltimore!
Jessica Marie

The sun rising over the Chesapeake Bay,
Hagey's bus rolls in, wind hitting our faces
as the door opens, releasing us—perfect day.
Salt permeates the air, fishes splash
in and out of water, the gulls laugh.
All peaceful in the Harbor, a moment's flash
captures the serenity and the groups sitting.

Let's go! Let's go! The boat loops
excitedly against the waves.
Baltimore's city scene in the backdrop,
Fell's Point,
where Douglass and other slaves
finding freedom, working hard.
The Aquarium--
God's deep sea wonder
saved from man's dark, filmy lard.
Civil War museums, The Poe House--
Our nation's history resides here
despite the British attempt to dowse.

Preserved in the distance, the flag flies—
Ft. McHenry, the brick fortress stands.
Bombs illuminating the night skies
With the rocket's red glare
and bursting in the air;
Frances Scott Key, mesmerized, writes,
Sitting in the boat, like me, captured
by the history around us in full light.
Mesmerized by the voice of the tour,
Ducks swimming, wind messing my hair.
Baltimore, Baltimore! I love you, Baltimore!
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