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by Niase
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A poetic expression of a person potentially suffering from manic depression.
On a quiet lazy summer's afternoon under the cherry tree,

I find myself drifting on a boat of unfullfilled dreams.

An old journey of many a things never attained

Many a step too far in the darkness of sorrow.

I slowly drift over a river of shimmery white lilies,

Where perfect lives simply swim by just below me.

Dazzling white fluff of clouds float above my hazy thoughts.

A gentle breeze softly whispers lies of hope and love,

I breathe into the heavenly air and it’s almost sickening

The air is sweet and fresh, alive and vigorous, I feel betrayed.

My spirits soar...I laze on my refuge of delusion.

I hear the rhythmic beat of my heart, life coursing through my veins

I see no purpose or joy, with God a stranger in my life.

The silence of my existence is deafening.

I close my eyes and let the warm sunshine lull me to a deep dreamless sleep.

A dreamless sleep to an end with no beginning.

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