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Frank and Beth are attracted but for different reasons.
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Different Expectations

Building street rods is my passion, especially ones with the older traditional engines. Having this focus while struggling to develop as a writer leaves little time for much of a social life. Meeting Beth was an unusual event and when she took my hand I felt a current of excitement animate my very core. As we walked around the lake I began to relax and found we had a great deal in common.

“You’re pretty outgoing and self assured, ” I said, “Especially the pretty part.”

“Image and poise… It's all part of the presentation. My family owns Northern Lake Realty and I’m not only a broker, I’m their top agent.”

“I find that easy to believe.”

“Thanks, so tell me about these cars of yours.”

“I rebuild engines and make Hot Rods. Right now business is slow and I’m finding a niche as a ‘How To’ writer - showing novices how to build an inexpensive street machine. I just sold another article.”

She squeezed my hand and said. “Interesting… Want to see my office? It’s not very far.”

“Sure.” I walked her over to my ’40 Ford Sedan and opened the passenger door.

“I always wanted to ride in one these,” she said, “but nobody I ever knew had one.”

It didn’t take long to get to the office and she jumped out, stepping briskly up the walk and unlocking the door. It was an imposing log structure that soared on the inside almost like a cathedral. The lights came on and the interior shown with an astonishing elegance.

“Here in the Great Room is where the agents have their work stations. My office is in the back… It connects to a small condo.”

Beth had a confidence born of marketing experience. Her office was well appointed and spacious, filled with pictures of past sales and memorabilia.

“Care for a drink?” she asked, opening the door to the apartment. Inside was an elegantly furnished living area. The door to the bedroom stood open.

“This is where I spend my lonely nights,” she said looking at me expectantly. "Tell me Frank, have you ever acted on intuition and impulse?"

"What do you mean?"

With a smile, she pulled her dress up over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Facing me in a silk slip she wore an inviting grin. Things were moving... faster than expected.

“What’s the matter?” she inquired.

I hesitated. “Don’t laugh but maybe we should slow this train down. I didn’t come here looking for a one night stand.”

“Then please explain why you picked me up and agreed to come here?”

“I was intrigued and intended to lift your spirits, not your skirt.”

"I almost believe you Frank, but right now I need more than a pep talk. Time to take off your armor, Sir Galahad.”

My resistance evaporated. “And I thought opportunities like this only happened in my dreams. I've never met anyone like you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re smart, beautiful and brimming with self confidence. I'm at a loss for what you see in me.”

She smiled expectantly and kicked off her shoes. “Time for you to learn.”

I extended my arms. She stepped close snuggling into my chest, toying with the buttons on my shirt. The smell of her perfume was intoxicating. “You smell good.”

Her lips reached up and we kissed, hesitantly at first and then with more energy. “That was nice,” she said. “Hmmmm.”

We sat down on the bed continuing to pet, our passions building until finally falling back onto the pillows. In slow motion came the time for discovery, feeling and caressing. Our hearts pounded with expectation. My finger tips tugged at the lace, revealing the cup of her bra.

Her hand reached low sliding over the bulge in my trousers. It throbbed with anticipation. She unbuckled my belt, and slid searching beneath the fabric of my boxers.

A primitive urgency took control and there is no denying what followed. Fumbling hands groped, insistantly clutching and squeezing. Our clothes came off and we gasped at our nakedness in shameless wonder. Pinning her to the matress, I searched through a tangle of swirling hair, finding at last the doorway to her womb. We coupled and began the struggle, desperately trying to bring harmony to our lovemaking. With her hands on my shoulders and mine on her hips we moved in a quest of unbridled eagerness. As the tempo grew our bodies found stride in the rhythm, moving with more practiced confidence to the beat of love’s eternal song. Our passions peaked and a sweet relief welled up. We came together like a surf, racing over the beach and melting at last into the sands. Still entwined, we wallowed in the moment, not wanting it to end, smelling of sex and spent passion.

She sighed, "That was wonderful, Frank...I was right about you.”

“And you, Beth, are simply overwhelming."

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