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by Marcus
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Just another day in the office!
Steph was a very attractive girl in an office full of athletic young men, but she was a thief.

And her thieving was to be her downfall.

The stolen article in this sad and fateful instance was a child's raspberry flavoured lollipop.

She had taken it from the Office Managers (Clients children only) supply box under his desk after asking Wee Neelie if that was okay.

Unfortunately this proved to be the last straw for the harassed Office Manager on this bad day of bad days and he exploded into one of his legendary furies.

After hitting Wee Neelie with his telephone, he picked up the box of lollipops and threw them out of his office door.

This was just as Steph came running back to see what the commotion was about.

Amazingly a lemon flavoured lollipop flew straight into her open mouth making the poor girl swallow hard and choke.

She fell to the floor gasping for breath and seven clerks immediately rushed to her aid.

Someone suggested giving her the kiss of life...and five of the clerks obliged straight away.

Unfortunately in the rush no one noticed the lemon lollipop stuck in Steph's throat, although at her inquest two of the clerks commented on her lemony tasting lips.

After several minutes the clerks stopped kissing Steph and it was suggested that her clothing be loosened....

This caused a further stampede involving all the remaining male clerks two maintenance engineers and three passers by.

Again no one noticed the lollipop and by now Steph was a deep blue colour and covered in bite marks.

Everyone was very upset when it was realised Steph was no more, although two of those involved had such a good snog that they got engaged.

The moral of this sad sad story is


Written in 2006
Posted on WDC 1st May 2009
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