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Beth asks Frank to indulge another dark fantasy
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The Sex Toy

I was on the dolly, underneath the ’46 Studebaker, when I heard the shop door open and close.

“Who is it?” I called out to Jake…

“You won’t believe it,” he answered.

Rolling back, I heard the giggles. It was Beth and Clarisse. They were dressed in Jogging attire. They danced around the entrance like two celebrating athletes. Then Clarisse pulled off the top to her sweat suit and Beth did the same. Pirouetting about, they laughed hysterically at the expressions on our faces. I sat up as Beth danced over and straddled, gyrating, then she reclined on top of me and we kissed.

“What are you doing here?” I asked catching my breath.

"Clarisse and I thought we’d stop by for cocktails. Get it?…Cocktails!”

I looked over my shoulder and saw Jake pushed backwards onto the fender; Clarisse unbuckling his belt.

I carried Beth to my office and laid her on the couch She slipped out of her bottoms as I tore my clothes off.

“Don’t be so eager!” she scolded. I brought you something. She held up a box containing a cyber skin phallus.

“Why do we need this?” I asked, “Am I not big enough for you?”

“That part is just fine,” she replied. “Its ample and very fulfilling but right now I need something more. Right now I need to feel a twinge of excess.”

“Is this going to be like the restraints?”

“Sort of,” she said with a half smile…“Sometimes I need to be dominated by a strong and insistent man, a lover who is a match… rough enough to excite the dark side of my personality.”

A package of lubricant came inside the box. As I pulled the life-like enhancement out, her eyes glowed in a mixture of awe and trepidation.

“Put it on,” she insisted, her voice filled with excitement.

It slipped on like a prophylactic extending the girth and length of my manhood by a couple of inches. Simultaneously, Beth tore the wrapping off the lube and applied it generously to herself and as well as the skin like texture of the dildo.

“Where do these compulsions of yours come from?” I asked.

“Who knows? but right now I need to be mastered…I want you to humble me…make me beg for you to stop.”

“This is kinky,” I replied shaking my head but my heart wasn’t in it. Already my breath was coming fast and the rubber like device was stretching to the full limits of its potential. I spread her thighs and guided the tip inside. Beth groaned. It was more than she anticipated.

“Slow down,” she pleaded, as the tip muscled inside. “Damn you, Frank…give my body a chance.”

I paused as she struggled to adjust. “Why do you insist on this?”

“I wish I knew. Everything I do is in excess. Nobody can seem to control me. Sometimes I need a strong hand, a man to give me what every woman needs…”

“Beware what you ask,” I answered. Cruelly I thrust hard, putting aside all thoughts of restraint.

Her breath caught, “It’s so big!” she cried out. It continued slipping deeper coming at last to the limit. Withdrawing, I pulled back once more ,‘til the tip was poised at the gate.

“Don’t don’t! she pleaded, expecting the worst. Her hands gripped my shoulders and her mouth hung open. “You wouldn’t?” she whispered, squinting her eyes.

“Wrong!” Thrusting hard I drove it deep once more.

“Oh God! The load, it’s too much to bear.”

I began stroking….it was a snug fit and Beth was struggling.

“Don’t be so mean,” she pleaded.

“Then give me what I want!”

“What is it? I’ll give you anything. Just go easy.”

I increased the tempo. “Oh Gawd!” she uttered.

“Show me the darkness,” I taunted, “Open the door to that black soul of yours.”

“I’m trying,” she whimpered.

“You’re holding back…and I hate it when a woman does that!“

Her eyes were pleading. Her back arched with every thrust and sweat ran in rivulets from her body.

“Honest, I’m not, I swear I’m not,” she cried out and began to climax.

Throwing aside all scruple I unleashed the wolf. Her eyes glazed over; her mouth fell open and her will, consumed by a molten passion, collapsed in complete surrender.

“Good girl…! Better, much better.”

She began to quiver and shake in a gush of orgasmic relief.

Inside the cyber skin I felt myself come, overcome at the same time with a paroxysm of coughing. I throbbed inside her womb, swelling and relaxing with each hacking spasm.

“Breath deep,” she implored.

I began to calm down.

“Don’t die on me.”

“Are you OK?”

“I’ll be sore for a week.”

“I’m really sorry, Sweetheart.”

“Yeah, I just bet you are.”

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