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How Nick and I reunited - please read and review.
In Writing.Com, I plan to write about the lovely experiences I had passed through my life with my best friend, Nick. A humorous, mischievous but intelligent and handsome guy. At twenty five, he is the most gorgeous man I have set my eyes on and I do hope that someday we'll marry and have a family.


I had known Nick ever since kindergarten. However, our friendship really started when we were five, and we were put next to each other in class. We used to spend our break time together and we were inseparable chums. When we were ten I did the stupidest thing I had ever done in my life - quit being friends with him.

It had all started when a new girl came to our school and she was put in our class. She was one of those "cool" girls everyone wants to speak to. Of course, I wanted to spend recess with her, and her ALONE. For some time I avoided Nick and made myself friendly with this girl whom I am going to call Sephora. She evidently liked all the attention I gave her but Nick wasn't liking it at all.

And then came that terrible day at school, I shall never forget.

On break time Sephora and I were discussing dresses and shoes when I felt an urging need to use the toilet. I excused myself and rushed along the playground towards the bathrooms which were situated at the far right of the enormous play ground. I found an empty cubicle and relieved myself. I went out to wash my hands to find Nick by the water basin. He gave me a real fright as he approached me. And there started the conversation I dread to remember.

"Why aren't you speaking to me? We're still friends, no?" he inquired, a weird icy tone in his voice which sent shivers running down my spine.

I remember hesitating, not knowing if I ought to answer 'Yes' or 'No'.

"I'm friends with Sephora now," I replied unwisely.

Nick glared at me, his eyes were cold and angry. The only time I ever saw Nick being furious.

"So can't we be a threesome?" he queried, the iciness in his voice was always growing colder.

"Sephora might not like it," I had answered, rather frightened.

Nick straightened up,

"Fat lot of friend you were too - abandoning ME to please a girl who may be just using you. You can keep your Sephoras but you'll never find your Nicks."

I remember he pushed me aside and went out of the bathrooms. That day I had felt relieved that Sephora could be my best friend without any interfering people. I even told tales about him to my parents. As time went by I started noticing less and less of Nick until I didn't hear of him anymore.Probably he had changed schools. I couldn't have cared less that time.

Time went by and Sephora got herself a boyfriend at twelve, and left me alone. At school I never bothered to make any friends. I kind of felt an empty space in my heart. I missed Nick dreadfully. I never told anyone about it. For three long and lonely years I spent my time reading to forget the feeling of sadness I had. I pretended I was happy and contended infront of my parents and relatives, but once alone, I used to shut myself in my bedroom and sob.

So it happened that on one Saturday, I felt a sudden want to go eating out. It was very unusual for me to eat out - I had no friends and I hate junk food. My mother encouraged me to go out and offered to keep me company but I told her I preferred being alone.

At fifteen I still wore scrubby old jeans and sweaters. I didn't care about what I looked like because I had no one to impress. That Saturday, I put on my best jeans, a becoming shirt, a denim jacket and boots. I remember feeling rather lost as I walked around the streets. I didn't know where I could dine best. Finally I entered in the cafe filled with most people - which meant good business.

I ordered a cheese burger and I looked for an empty table. Since I couldn't find one I thought I'd ask someone if I could share the table with him. Something which I wouldn't even think of doing today!

I took it at pain to ask this boy whose head was bent over a cross word puzzle.

The embarrassment I felt was so horrible - when the boy lifted his head and I recognized Nick!!!

I froze frightened and embarrassed.

Nick had apparently recognized me. His manner had become icy all at once.

"What do you want?" he had asked unsmiling.

"I just want to share the table," I answered quickly.

Nick bent his head over his cross word puzzle and fished in his plate for a chicken wing.

"Is that a yes or no?" I inquired.

With his head bent he replied ," Do whatever you want."

So I had sat and started to eat. Nick pretended to be absorbed in the crossword puzzle.

"Didn't you forgive me after all?" I asked, to make conversation.

Nick pretended he was trying to figure out an answer to the puzzle. Finally he had raised his head and pushed his fringe out of his eyes.

"I did forgive you, but the pain is still there," he replied. Softly.

I remember feeling confused, such an answer felt deep and I ate up all the burger. Nick had finished eating and the puzzle was finished as well, but he still remained with his head bent.

"Listen, shall we become friends again? Let's forget about it - please," I pleaded.

Without raising his head, Nick replied,"You've got that girl, Sephora."

"I'd rather have you than a million Sephoras...shall we spend the evening together? Say yes please!" I nagged.

Nick didn't seem enthusiastic about it. At first he was going out with me to stop my nagging and moaning, pretending he was enjoying himself with me when he just wanted to avoid me, but as time went by, he started inviting me himself to go out - until we could say we were best friends again.


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