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The story of the Forty seven samurai
Forty seven who served and died

Giri and Bushido their binding cords

That drove them to draw their swords

Into karmic destiny they did ride

Two years laid waste to cherry blossom nights

Drinking and whoring delayed their plotting

Falling down drunks no fear were they breeding

Lord Kira spied on Samurai blights

Genroku fifteenth the oath is reborn

While the wind did howl and the snow did fall

Forty seven Ronin heeded the call

To honor their master their actions forsworn

To the beat of a drum and without delay

Lord kira's abode they did storm

Over his retainers forty seven did swarm

Heading the lessons of ten-shin Sensei

Hiding in the shadows Lord Kira was found

Bushido bound they gave him a chance

To end it all with the seppuku dance

For him the terror no words could resound

Without a word he was sent to his grave

Off came his head

Blood so red

Time to leave Kira's enclave

In sengaku-Ji to their masters grave

The story before them had traveled its way

With praise and drinks onto the end play

Celebration fitting for those so brave

Against the shoguns will the forty seven did act

Warriors true right up to the end

Standing shoulder to shoulder their oath will impend

They followed Bushido, filial piety fulfilled by their pact

Thou shalt not tread the same soil as the enemy of thy Lord

Thus their duty done

They took their lives beneath the rising sun

Forty seven died by the spirit of the sword

Death poem

tahdachi ya

toshi to kitte


Time to go

They say the journey is a long one

change of clothes
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