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Hi. I hope you like this.
“Heart or Mind”
“The day is tedious. I look around the room, I see nothing but faces. The teacher is talking, I try to listen but nothing comes into mind. I wait for the bell to go to next period but it takes so long. I can’t wait for 5th period, i just want see her. I am invisible with so much pain inside. I die slowly, looking at this world with happiness and sorrow.
I walk the halls looking at the faces of all emotion, viz, happy, sad, mad, joy, excitement, ect. I can’t wait to see her fervor personality. So moonstruck, funny, and comely. Too shy and slow, so stupid I can be. Thus no more, I am nothing but a writer, jotting my feelings and thoughts to remember no more. I say no more but my heart says keep going. I think and think but no thought… Heart or Mind?”

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