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A poem exploring choice and the consequence using an experimental style.
So, if I go Right... Then everything
on the Left just, vanishes from sight?
But if someone else goes Left, then I might
Not meet them further down on the Right.
What if that's wrong? What about Her.
She might go Left. That's fine is it?
Hmm. That's right isn't it. Tough.
But I've got to take Right. I know
Where it begins and ends. Left is dark.
Right is cold. I can't follow her Left.
Tough. Maybe I'll take the next Left after
this Right, It might be brighter. She's not here.
Perhaps She took another left. Perhaps I should go Right.
Right is cold. I can't see what Left looks like this time. And
No one else is here. I'm lost. I'll just walk up here. The Left after
the Right. Got to be right. Still cold. Tough. This isn't right. I liked
the previous Right, before the Left. Sigh. The next Right isn't the same.
It's wrong. Hold on. Person. It's her. Not Her. But her. Now her doesn't look
right. I preferred Her. But I might not see Her again. This one will do, she's nice.
Different hair. Different eyes. Different clothes. Different thoughts. Different voice.
But I guess that was the consequence of my choice.

About The Poem
This poem was designed to confuse the reader, part of a technique I am experimenting with in contradiction to normal poetry. Where the reader actually FEELS the poets emotion by installing those emotions within the reader, rather than the emotions being described to them and them relating to, or imagining the feeling. It was supposed to have just enough sense for the insightful to see through and pick out key points. My first points would be to check for capitals, "Right" and "right" for example don't refer to the same thing. It's a challenge basically, for those who like this kind of thing. If this isn't for you, feel free to take a look at some of my other work (as I said this is a one off, don't think I'm always like that)!

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