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I walked into the school, the smell of the bathroom and the lunch room invaded my nose. The hallway was empty luckily. I walked down towards the sign that was labeled headmaster.  I reached the end of hall the sign was all that lay in front of me. There was no door to the headmaster’s office, there never was. They used a spell of containing hiding their room from sight and magical sense. I reached inside myself and grabbed a steady stream of magic and mentally threw it at the wall, the containing spell wavered before the door appeared in front of me. I grabbed the handle and pushed the door in and walked into the sunlit room.

The first thing I saw was the enchanted ceiling, with normal eyes it was a plain ceiling but with the eyes of a magician it was a clear view of the sky outside. Or more precisely it looked like the sky but it was actually a magical reproduction of the casters mood translated into weather. Quite ingenious actually, it took a large amount of magic, or an exact intricate building of glyphs, or magical signs to build a spell like this.

“I see your parent’s magic trainer taught you well.” said a voice from behind the large oak desk that stood in the center of the room. A man was seated in a very large chair.

“Yes she did.” I replied, sitting in the chair opposite him. He had a small frame and a well-defined goatee. He sat with his shoulders back and his muscle’s relaxed a position that looked relaxed but also ready for an emergency.  I secretly scanned his entire body position

“I see your trainer also taught you how to look for threats?” he said in a casual manner. He gave me a big grin before opening a drawer in his desk.

“My teacher taught me to be ready for anything at a moment’s notice, she also taught me to look for people who seem to be somebody else then who they say or appear to be.” I said in an equally casual response. “Watch their actions, not their words, always be prepared for the worst” rang through my head. The memory of classes flooded back into me, I was sitting in the sun room of our castle. The room was located in the center of the estate, the roof was made of glass allowing every ounce of light see seep in as possible, the glass also had another unique feature, it absorbed a little bit of the light throughout the day so at night the glass glowed a misty blue color.

It was one of my favorite rooms, we had class in their everyday today was no different. We had been talking about defensive spells, she was explaining to me how to repel someone’s magic without putting out a shield but inverting the spells sequence, sending it back at the caster with deadly precision, after all just because the spell is changed doesn’t mean it’s not tethered to the caster. When all of a sudden a spell collided with the back my head causing the word to lose all its color, I sat there unable to move I could see my teacher sitting in the front by the board, she was frowning.

I understood then what she was getting, she grinned once I thought of it almost knowing that I had caught her meaning, using what she had just taught me I sent the spell right back at her. She waved her hand and the spell fizzled out instantly, the smile never left her face for the rest of the day, she had continued to test me every so often but after that first time I had never been take surprise like that again.

He pulled out a piece of paper from within his desk and handed it to me.

“I need you to sign that with your signature and your magic, your parents weren’t exactly straight forward with when you would be arriving at the school, was there a reason for that?” he asked, as I pulled a stream of magic and directed it at the paper. When the magic came in contact with the paper, the words filled my brain the true meaning of the paper was clear as day.

“Yes there is a reason, somebody like me can’t just announce what they are doing or something bad could happen, and I’m not signing this, I will not tie my power to you or any of the teachers, my power is mine and mine alone, I won’t relinquish control because in doing so would violate my magic’s trust in myself and in turn hindering every spell I cast for the rest of my life” I said, handing him the paper back and standing up. I wasn’t completely sure of this school before but I was definitely turned off now.

If I allowed them to have control of my magic they could as easily turn it against me as a grown man could pick up a baby.

“Wait” he said “I gave you the wrong paper, your parents made that very clear plus I don’t think any of the staff, myself included could contain your power.” He returned the paper to the desk and pulled out another, this time without sitting I touched the paper with my magic, this paper was different from the first. This paper only stated that if I use my power in a way unbecoming of the school that I can be expelled.  I called to the paper, it flew out of the principals hand into mine. Taking out the pen in my pocket I signed my name and traced it with a fine string of magic, my signature started to glow.

I placed the paper on the desk and sat back down. My magic started to sizzle on the top of my skin, I reached for the night stone that hung around my neck and grabbed it. My magic slowly fizzled out as the principal scanned the paper I had just signed.

“Well everything is in order here, here is your schedule.” He handed me the paper. “By the way my name is Professor Chambers, what can I call you prince?”

“Just call me Darryl.” I said as I headed for the door. I turned back and thanked him for the opportunity to go to his fine school.

“First period is over so go to your second class, and Darryl come to me if there is any kind of problem.” I stopped at the door and turned towards professor Chambers. I looked him directly in the eyes before I open the door and walked out.

Something creped me out about the principal, maybe it was his too kind attitude towards me or maybe the magic that seemed to emanate from him. Well I would have to keep an eye on him. The paper in my hand read.


Magic school for the gifted                   

                            Prince Darryl frost                             

        term one                                                           


1st period          Charms and incantations                Orchard, P. Samuel                                     

2nd period          Elemental bending                          Sylva, N. Hailey                     



3rd period          Attack magic                                      Fields, Larry         

4th period          defense magic                                  prelate, Anna             



Great, they are still working on bending. Now where is this class, I looked around the hall. None of the rooms had anything written on them. Ugh. I closed my eyes and searched, my mind expanded stretching from my skin it burst out around me and bubbled around the school, in each room there was a different kind of magic being performed, but no elemental bending was present. I opened my mind even further allowing the parameter to come into focus and the northeast grounds was full of water bending, I returned my senses to the perceived and continued down the hallway towards the northeast doors, forget this I thought to myself.

I pictured the field in my mind, the feel of the grass on my feet the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair, when I took my next step I didn’t feel the cold tile floor but the cool moist grass. I opened my eyes, the class sat in front of me. The teacher was looking at me, complete shock etched her face. She started walking towards me motioning for the class to have free time. She stopped right in front of me.

“How did you do that? This school’s protections don’t allow teleportation?”

“It is charmed but the spell configuration allows teleportation to some.” I replied already bored with this conversation “my name is Darryl, I have been assigned this class.”

“Yes I was told you would be joining us, but they weren’t sure when you would be here. Before we continue have you had any training in elemental bending?” she questioned.

“yes I have been trained in all forms of elemental bending included different regions of each of the elements”

“really, well you might get called on quite a lot in this class now find a seat and try to follow along.” I nodded and sat next to one of the girls in the back.

The lesson progressed on how to extend their magic into the water and allow it to cool enough to freeze, or turn to slush. There was about ten students in the class, male and female but now evenly dispersed, the gift presented itself in women more than men, which wasn’t exactly understood.

There was eleven bird-bath like basins sitting in the middle of the grass directly in front of us, which I guessed is what they used for practice. I was correct because twenty minutes had passed when Mrs. Sylva had the class stand next to a basin and practice, and that she would come and check on everybody in turn. I took the basin that was further away from everybody, right behind the girl that I had sat next to before. She looked back at me her face was angular from her high cheek bones and very strong chin. She had rich blue eyes and blonde hair, the same as my own, a sign that her magic was extremely powerful.

Magic even though people have had magic for thousands upon thousands of years, much of magic was not understood. They didn’t know why the hair would turn blonde and the eyes would go a shade of blue when the person contained a large quantity of magic, was thought that the magic seeped out and stained those points but one thing was understood. You don’t mess with somebody with those characteristics

She wore a blue satin dress that was floor length; the cut around the breast area was a little low even for a fancy dress. This is what alerted me to her gift. Only one person on this planet was allowed a dress like this, she was The Daughter of Magic. A person born at random points in time with immense power, the mother of magic was thought to be the first person, man or women to have magic, she gives birth to a female known as the daughter of magic. She was only known to give birth to a daughter in times of great need and sorrow that will befall the world.

What was odd was that this was all a myth, nobody alive could validate the story, and any records kept from the time the mother of magic was alive, had been wiped away with magic. I realized that she had turned away from me as I had thought about this and before I could comprehend, Mrs. Sylva was standing next to me waiting for me to complete the task she had set out for the class.

I turned to my basin and let a small trickle of magic touch the gleaming surface, allowing a single ripple to spread from the center I froze the water and in turn the ripple had moved halfway away the center before freezing in the icy prison.

“Perfect!” she exclaimed almost surprised that I was able to do it so quick with the amount of time she had given for practice. She looked me over one more time before leaving me to return to a student who was having more trouble than they should have been.

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