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An old man in a nursing home, who'd have thought he was a war hero?
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The Old Veteran

He was considered ‘just an old man’ by the young ones
Few knew of his army time, especially his sons
He’d slowly shuffle down the nursing home’s halls,
So old and unstable, he’d lean against the walls

His medals were kept hidden in a drawer by his bed
He rarely looked at them, the tears he would shed
Remembering his friends that never came home
They were still in battle, forever they’d roam

One day a nurse found his private treasure trove
Sat by his side and listened to the tales he wove
At first he was silent, not wanting to share his past
But slowly opened up; she silently sat to the last

Knowing his tale was one that should be shared,
She called his sons, and asked if they cared
About his past in the war, his medals and more
His sons were astounded; they’d never heard this before

Veteran’s Day was approaching, they arranged a parade
A small one, not fancy; it was all homemade
Their father was a quiet man, never looking for much
But he’d been there for them with his gentle touch

The parade would honor his past and all that he’d done
In World War II he’d fought, before their time had begun
They would honor him and his comrades on this special day
Wanted to thank him for his service, in their own small way

Many people contributed a lot to the parade
Coordinating efforts, so memories wouldn’t fade
Small bands, the flags, and homemade floats
It ended with ‘Taps’, on buglers notes

The parade was a success, it reminded them all
Of how our freedom is kept, by those who fall
In battles fought, on foreign soil far away,
Let’s salute our heroes, on this Veteran’s Day

Jim Dorrell
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