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how situations change ur attitude towards life
Sometimes we come across such moments in life which we never want to come our way…everytime we wish for the best we witness the worst..i am in such a condition where I am left with nothing except regretting and regretting..i have my friends, my college and everyone but I dnt hve myself..i am alone…I feel like I am a small kid lost in woods..dont know which path to choose..trusting on fire in hope that it will warm me but it burns me..in this metro world..the never ending hustling and bustling..somewhere I have lost myself..i am  not the same BINDAAS girl aloof from all mundane activities..i have become that boring person whose mind is trapped in all sorts of tensions..i have to look where to spend why to spend how to spend…but at the end of day I know that even after so much precautions I have failed to protect myself from this cunning world…who has lost the humane part of it and is no better than a materialistic plastic body..i don’t knw how to react to it..in these 4 months I lost so much and gained nothing..i now feel the importance of family..once which I took for granted..whatever comes in life whoever comes and goes one thing always remain with you..even when you are busy with all goody goody people at one corner there is your family who cheers up for you in crowd but supports and sympathises you alone…never let them go from your life cuz they make you stand when you fall..gives you way to meet new faces but don’t allow themselves to forget you..

I don’t knw how to come out of this fix..there so many things to say but no words to express them..well some ought to be kept in yourself..i don’t have anything going according to my expectations .its not that I want things to happen in accord to my expectations but when I endeavour for something and it goes against it…really..it stabs my heart recklessly..all your efforts go in vain that time and you find yourself helpless..my live projects..for which I cancelled my vacation,don’t know whether I will do or not  although I want to help my family and reduce ther burden on me…but at the end of the day increase their load..my personal life..aahh..its goin through the the roughest phase..i have nobody with whom I can share my feelings..who will understand my needs..my aspirations..who is always beside me in all walks of life..a shoulder on which I can weep..a guider who guides me in my decisions..a face which fades  away my sorrow..a carer who worries about me.who blows up on me if I do something wrong but stil be my best friend on whom I can throw my tantrums..who keeps checking me if I have taken food at right time,or concentrating on my studies..i Want him to intrude into my life who can hold my hands in front of his friends and call me by pet names…I am hungry for love..divine love..it should not be to fulfill our sexual needs but to satisfy our emotional values..

Problems in life come to make you crave for something you have not or something  you never bothered for..likewise we face those obstructions to achieve what we already had..always look for the brighter side of life…if we don’t taste problems how u expect to enjoy success..every night has a morning may be its transient {for a moment’s whim}..but  it keeps tempting you for the rest of your life for which we muster courage to face all troubles…

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