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The poet aims to describe what comprises people's lives.
Our lives are woven from a mingled yarn
Where joy alternates with sorrow
And the triumphs are just as real as the tragedies
As much as today precedes tomorrow.

It may look like a series of frequent gambles
Often left to serendipity or chance
For what will determine success or failure
Is hardly discerned from a single glance.

But how can you explain the sun, with all its glory
The way it submits to the silence of the night
Who takes care of the mighty eagle
Journeying alone in its flight?

Who decides where the brash, crashing waves
Meet with the safety of the shores
How long will the wind whisper secrets to the blades of grass
Forevermore, forevermore?

Who blesses the humble sparrows
As they try to make it through another day
Their songs reverberating like echoes
Chirping, chirping, merry along the way.

As we look at the lilies of the valley bloom to their splendor
God shows His miracles, simple and great
His plans for our lives are always the results
Of the measure of our trust and faith.
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