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Vacationing at a condo on the beach/bay
The condo on Peligan Bay belnged to my friend. It was situated on the eastern shore across from Mobile Bay in the small community of Daphne.

I arrived driving across the Jubilee Parkway, better known as the "Bayway", and passing the Battleship Alabama, a relic of World War II. On some warm summer night, but not this one, the residents living around Mobile Bay sometimes enjoy the fruits of a mysterious natural phenomenon called Jubilee, when fish and crabs swim toward shore and are easily harvested by people wading in the water.

I left the cold night rains of the lower mountains just yesterday to come to the bay area for a week. I finally arrived in the early evening. Opening the door, I was instantly reminded of all the fun I had here in this condo with my friend.

It is early evening and I look around me. The rooms of the condo are filled with the ornaments and personal treasures of my friend. The soothing gray of the the walls are trimmed in white. The carpet is a purple between lavender and royal purple. The twisted gold legs of the glass table fall within my sight. Books are on shelves everywhere. There is a ceiling fan and a rotating fan sits on a table.

Two white stuffed couches and a large overstuffed white chair fill up the middle of the room. One entire wall is lined with a handsome cabinet painted white. Interesting drawings and framed prints are arrayed on each wall .

As I sit reading a book, eating a plate of grilled chicken strips and salad, I can hear the sea gulfs call out as they circle over head and fly along the bay.

Four miles down the road is the little bay town and artist community of Fairhope. Fairhope has an art shop named Pages where you can buy paints, sketch books, empty journals to fill, great coffee and a sandwich lunch if you are hungry. I was ready to relax and sketch during the week to come.

My mother is with me. We are having something of a mother and daughter reunion.

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