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How it began...
10/18/10 How it began...

         For several years now I have meant to trace the hows and whys of where my stories come from. In some part I'm sure some of you are whispering 'ego' under your breath at your monitor and your right, but you're also here reading this.
         The reasons why I have not started doing this until now are basically the same reasons it takes any of of us so long to do an unwarranted task; life gets in the way. And, as that is very true another reason is rearing its very ugly head and it is the simple fact that I am in the process of writing over a dozen new stories right now, but they all seem to be sticking to unseen forces and stalled in their momentum. So as any writer who's muse is stuck does they look for different fuel. This blog is what I'm going to drill the bedrock with and try to tap some more combustibles. Be warned though I will not be editing these blogs first and then post a pretty little finished piece. These will be written here in one fell swoop, as I have time, and will bear with them the truths (no matter if you accept them or not) and hideous rotten things that have gone on. There will be language (oh lordy, yes), and references to things small children should not understand and of course poor writing (ain't blogs great!). But I hope you read these and maybe find some fuel for your own muse. If not I hope you at least get a laugh or two from some of my miseries.

Thanks for your time my constant reader,

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