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What I wonder about sometimes.
"When did this world become so weak? Everyone it seems is crying about one thing or another, and none of it even matters. When did this world become so stupid? Doing things that you wouldn't have done two years ago, or less, knowing that you shouldn't but still you do it. What were you expecting to happen? The world to become perfect and care free where you can do what you want and everything goes your way because that's how you want it? Open your eyes and realize that it's not happening. Move on, no one gives a shit, and use your head to make the smarter decision and create an image of yourself that you want to be viewed as. When did this world, become so weak?"

This is what I wonder to myself damn near every day when I listen to the complaints of all the people in my life. They are so small and so minuscule that none of it will ever even matter in less than a couple months. Yet they make it out to be some sort of "tragedy" and that it's enough for them to want to end their own life. Well I say do it then! If your so preoccupied with making a scene out of every day problems and it's too much for you to handle then I say end your life now while you have the chance before you start experiencing the REAL problems facing society. Just today I got bitched out by my ex because she was complaining about how no one, not even her parents, cared that one of her friends from a completely different state had just died. And when she told me about him she said that she hadn't even spoken to him in over two years, and that the reason she was so upset was because she never got to say "goodbye to him". Ummm.... correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it usual for people to not get to say Goodbye to those that died? Every person I know that was ever close to me dying, I never got to say goodbye. Do you see me making a huge scene out of it, causing all kinds of drama with every other person that I know because of it? Hell no! I suck it up, attend the funeral, pay my respects, and all without even shedding so much as a tear! Why? Because I know that no matter what we do we are all going to die eventually and that if you die now, it simply means that your time was up. And to make matters even less crucial to my ex's situation, she hadn't even talked to the guy in TWO YEARS??? Are you kidding me? It just amazes me the shit people make a big deal out of when it could easily be taken lightly.

Now to move on to the "stupid" part of the world. Again I'm going to have to go by an example that I know of, because quite frankly this world is so god damned stupid that if I were to write about everything stupid in this world I would never stop writing, and this would never get published. My example that I'm giving will relate to the kind of stupidity where people choose to do something that they KNOW they shouldn't and then when things don't go the way the knew it wouldn't, complain about it and make a big scent out of it. There is this girl I knew, very briefly, I had only met her twice in my life. But She had unprotected sex with a local guy in the town she lived, and keep in mind this guy has had sex with I think literally every chick in that damn town so she HAD to know it wasn't going to end well from there. But anyways, she winds up getting pregnant (big surprise, *eye roll*) and then she tells me, and her other friends about how her life is ruined because of the coming baby. Already I'm thinking.. your own damn fault for having sex with the guy in the first place, be glad you didn't get AIDS. But then to add onto it, she thinks it would be a good idea to tell her father! Facts are, she's 16, the guy she had sex with is over 18, her dad, well let's just say he was under the impression that his precious daughter was a virgin (far from it, *another eye roll*). So she tells her father and he starts throwin up a storm about how he's gonna kill the guy, and long story short, her and her father got into a fight, the dad gets pissed off enough to punch her, in the stomach, and kill the baby. Now... Tell me. When did this world become so stupid?
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