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Think on this with an open mind.
                                        THINKING ON THINGS

        Only when one really consider a few things, mull on them, chew the cud and come to a reasonable conclusion, only then - should one put ones foot in ones mouth.

        This is the idea. The creator of all was - female. Yes – female!

        A few would say, “That is old news.”

        Another group would shout - “Blasphemer.” and may even add a few choice words to emphasize their statement and maybe even a curse or two, or the way of my error  will be shown to me.

        “Impossible.” others would retort and give me many reasons as to why, or none.

        And maybe someone would say: “Fine, explain?” then the discourse begins.

        'In the beginning ...' so it is stated, ... there was nothing.

When there is nothing, a man would look at it from his  usual practical point of view and weigh his options. What to do with all this nothingness, why even bother with this nothing, let it be and look for a place that is more worth while. And he would move on. There are many better places with more opportunities and less work.                 

Or the other man would see a challenge in this nothing, to build an empire which he could call his own. He would fashion it according to what he thought is good and then sell it to the first interested party he could find. A healthy profit made, he would move on to his next challenge. The universe is big and opportunities abound.

The third man would kick a quiet corner clean and there spend his days. No worries, no hassles and no problems from anybody. After all, there are many such quiet corners in the galaxy that is no-man's land and there is nobody to bother about. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Now, the female of this species would see the immediate potential of all this nothing. A few quick spells and there would be order, no time wasted on the unneeded bric-a-brac. A new world, nay, a new universe, would be the end result and that in only a few short days – not tomorrow – today!

    “Fair enough” I can hear someone say.

    “That is not all.” I would add.

Looking at one of the smaller details of this endeavor. This is assuming that the two genders of the creator were from the same offspring and not the one was from Mars and the other from Venus. For if that was fact, then the detail of a Martian creator would differ from  the  detail of a Venusian creator. Somewhere, in all of this, it seems that the gender base was from the same source. The argument is not whether there was only one gender form of the creator, in other words, the creator was fully aware of the male and female form. This seems to be borne out by the historical facts. It will be touched on at a later stage.

      Then the human was created.

If the creator was a male, surely he would create a female first and not another male. That would be typical male behavior. Consider that the creator may have been away from home for quite a while and possibly a bit homesick. Also, all the animals were created to procreate. And the birds and the bees ... Therefore, the logical choice would be to create a female first.  And all that bother with the garden and stuff, surely it can wait?

Therefore, if the creator was female, surely she would make a male as a project first. With typical female jealousy she will not make him a mate, as it was her toy and not to be shared. Only later would she see his suffering, feel sorry for him and then make a mate for him - one to be by his side - one from his side. A rib, non-the-less! Getting the home in order would be a basic first, after all, 'home is where the heart is' and you always need a home first.

    Hence; Paradise!

A man's home is a man's castle, it follows then - a man is the king in his castle, Lord and Master of all he perceives.  Most men actually have their wife's permission to think and say so. A wise wife will always make the man think that he is all there is, this will make him feel greater than what he really is and he will do his utmost to try to perform accordingly. Spoil him, and trouble follows.
    About the human form.

With a man's practical outlook on things and considering how things can be constructed to perform more efficiently, there are a few ideas that could have been considered when the female was created.

    There is the placement of the breasts.

Has anybody ever given any thought to as why the breasts are placed where they are?

Sure, as appendages they would would attract the male wherever they are situated. A breast is a breast is a breast, and the male and the baby do not care where they are. And as for nurturing the baby, the baby would not give a hoot if they were anywhere in the universe, as long as they were obtainable.

Consider the facts; the elephant's breasts are between her front legs and whereas the common cow has hers between her hind legs. Only the human specie (the monkeys are close relatives) have them in eyesight.

They are there for a few reasons.

They are there because the female is a vain creature. In their prime, they are orbs of beauty and competition. It is not commonly accepted, yet, breast envy is more prevalent than other envies amongst the female. The female with a ample bosom needs very little to show off, well, even ample is not the only qualification. Breasts are there to be shown off (RE: Magazines, beaches, and all places where the female form is on show.)

Firstly; they are visible to all. Nothing hidden here. A man can hardly keep his eyes off them and as a second best, will spend his life playing with things that represent breasts, namely - balls. 

Secondly; the breasts impress the male whether they are big or small. To each his own, and getting to 2nd base is every little boys second greatest ambition;

Thirdly; They are placed there as a buffer zone. Few men will pass those if they are thrust into his face.

Surely the breasts would be more functional if they were placed on the back. When a child is small, it could be easily carried  around and breastfed without getting in the way of work. 

It would have many other benefits during the mating season. As could well be thought of.

The man has his little extra piece that he is very impressed with. This was purely a functional thought as beauty is nowhere in sight.

Also, as a personal observation, the female rear-view would be enhanced tremendously by this addition, as currently, the male has only the buttocks as a view. An added bonus to the female would be that she would not have to look at the male's eye-popping, tongue-lolling and head-shaking antics. He would at least be able to look the female in the eyes if the breasts are removed from view and he will see a sight he has missed for a long time.

    As for the male form. (Keep in mind, this was made for a female …. by a female.)

A well formed male is, well, not to be factitious, it is perfection. As they say, broad at the shoulder, narrow at the hips, what more could the lady want?

The male would not get all the detail of creation, whereas the female would go overboard with the available power and things could really get complicated.

For a more solid approach to the fact that the ... 'creator of the earth and all that is' ... was a female, we only need to look at the 10 commandments.

The first 4 all are centered on the deity, and the following 6 are for the human beings who needed guidance in the first place.

Only 6? One would think that 6 could never be enough to cover all the mischief mankind could think up. The amazing thing is – these 6 cover every plausible and even in-plausible effort where sin is involved.

The average lawyer spends years and years to find out how to bypass these.  Then the lawyer still fails and becomes an advocate and even then - a judge is required to sort this all out. Even then, it may even require the services of 12 of ones peers. (This is a rather strange usage, why get 12 guilty people to prove one others innocence?)

It is written, not to complicate the matter - ” Thou shall not ... “ and even then, the people still get it wrong.

What does all of this have to do with statement, 'the creator was female.'

The first sentence:

            zzzzzzzzzzxxxxxxxxxcccccccccc is a jealous God.

          The male of the species does not have a jealous hair on his head (disregarding baldness as an argument – there was hair there once upon a time) so they say, and would never have used that as an opening approach. The male would have started more business-like and opened more directly and to the point.   

    “You do that one more time, and you're zapped!

    Look at what happened at Sodom and the neighbor, that other group got swallowed up by the earth, and swimming lessons in the Red Sea with a few plagues as starters. Quick, clean, and no hassles.

    See what happens when a man is in charge.

THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS _ ANY AND ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME (assuming they are positive, negative comments will be considered on merit.)

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