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Outrage at the Juan Williams firing, How incredibly offensive.
Last night as I listened to the O'Reilly Show on the Fox News Channel, I was reminded how just the thought of Political Correctness can raise my hackles. More and more the liberal thinking in this country is becoming so intrusive that it is offensive to any thinking American. Any American that believes in the basic ideas of our forefathers and the precepts communicated in the Constitution must shutter everytime they hear the term Political Correct Speech, from here on out to be identified as PC speech. PC speech is designed by the liberal left to limit our basic right to free speech, or effectively shutting down the expression of a thought in fear of offending someone that has an opposing point of view, or a group that has an opposing lifestyle. Over and over again we see how saying the wrong thing at the right time can have extensive consequences and cause the person speaking great loss. With one slip of the tongue you can lose your job or position. Because of PC speech we have effectively lost our freedom of speech. This is un-American. Our forefathers would be turning over in their graves if they could see or hear what's going on in our country right now.

NPR is in my opinion out of control. They not only fired a well known and well liked author and radio personality that was respected by the so called right, but did it in such a way as to make themselves look like the haters of free speech that they are. This group of far left liberals are obviously pushing the new progressive agenda encouraged by George Soros and the Move on.Org bunch. My only question is what does NPR need our tax dollars for. Maybe the question should be; are our tax dollars funding efforts by organizations like NPR to subvert our Constitution and turn America into a socialist nation fashioned after the European countries that our President has been apologising to for the last two years.

The CEO Vivian Schiller went out of her way to slur Juan Williams' state of mental health and suggested that he was seeing a Psychiatrist. The CEO Vivian Schiller and the Vice President of News, Ellen Weiss didn't even meet with Juan, they fired him over the phone. This somehow doesn't seem Politically Correct to me.  This action must have been more than offensive to Juan Williams.

It seems that the far left and liberals can do whatever they please, no matter how offensive it may be; the liberal media seems to give them a pass. The left jumps to conclusions all the time, they do more than just offend people; they actually cause pain and loss. Believe me if conservatives were caught treating people like NPR treated Juan Williams all holy hell would break out, and they wouldn't stop screaming until those mean dastardly Republicans or Conservatives were dealt with to the fullest extreme.

As a side note in the news on Friday 10/22/10 a stagehand was asked to remove his hat and to turn his sweatshirt inside out because the shirt and hat supposedly had a political message on them. The stagehand refused and was fired. As it turns out the hat and shirt were from the super carrier that the stagehands son is serving on, and the proud father was wearing the shirt and hat in support of his son. The offensive sweatshirt had the name of his son's ship on it. It read the USS George HW Bush CVN-77 Super Carrier. Thanks again to Political Correctness for attacking another offensive citizen of the United states of America. This is a great country.
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