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A character of extreme brutality and the mind set to justify it all.
I hate, everyone. Everyone, hates me. I am that person, that people warn you to be careful around. I am that person, you pretend not to see. The one who... well, you get the idea. If I were to try and describe myself to you it would take days. I care not to describe my physical characteristics to you. Why? Well.. Because you might be my next victim. *grins* I am simply here to warn you. That I am coming. For all of you. Every single person on this planet deserves to die. And I shall be the one to bring about your deaths. There is no such thing as innocence. You all have something to hide. A secret your not telling. I know those secrets. I have the gift. I am able to tell your darkest secret the moment I look at you.

When someone does something wrong, and they want no one else to find out about it. They go about very specific ways to cover it up. Every secret has a unique cover up story, and they all follow trends. Appearances give out everything. That old saying, "You can't judge a book by its cover." does not apply anymore. Not to me. Me? I've got nothing to hide. I am posting this to let you all know that you are not safe. And that no matter how isolated, no matter how cautious, no matter how strong or weak you are. I am coming for you. And you will die. Ugh..

The silence is here again. It fills my mind, and the loudness of the silence is enough to drive me insane. I must find something to fill the silence. I must find something to fill the silence. I must find something to fill the silence!
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