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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Gothic · #1721853
please read and finish and give criticism. thanks you. and yes, i meant to say that.
My ankle, on the way down, felt like it was on fire. Like all my cells were suddenly failing. I couldn't run fast enough, nor could I think about what I just left. All I could think was, "GET AWAY. GET AWAY. Dear God, please let me go from this place." After a while though, my lungs started collasping, tiring of the long journey down.

When I finally stopped, I was near the bottom of the steep mountain, gasping for the air that wouldn't seem to come fast enough, with my knees trembling. I just fell, no need for the trouble of getting down, no, my legs decided to stop working completely.

"Hahahaha..." Was all that came out of my desert dry mouth. It sounded like it was my last dying breath, and would've been if I hadn't escaped. But now that I was somewhat safe, something Marc said pricked at my mind.

"No, wait, please. I can explain...." He sounded sincere and earnest. How could I trust him, though? All he said, all we've been through, was a lie. He just wanted to bring me back to his clannish family so I could see he was an incestant vampire. God, please, why would you give me such a loving, and lovable, boy? Only to find that his family is a cult of vamps. Oh, and not to mention, he's sexually involved with his sister.

Guess what, Mr. Marc I-am-one-sexy-vampire Blards, I am not some small town drop out. I am my father's child. I am Miss Lambria Lochross, the first female Lochross since 1543. And just because I am from the, and this is debated quite heavily, smallest town, that doesn't mean that I haven't read every single book there is to read on this continent.
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