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So much to be excited for the NBA this season it sured lived up to the hype.
As the old season ends as almost every season ends, the summer brought a new script to the NBA. The 2009-2010 baskeball season ended and we all saw the Los Angeles Lakers win yet again another NBA finals for the 2nd straight season (yawn), the summer was something for fans to sit on the edge of thier couches and pay attention to the offseason. With the Lebron James sweepstakes driving everyone crazy like if Brett Farve will ever stay retired or yet play another year, there was even more Free Agents that would play a big piece in how maybe the NBA would play out this season. With big superstar names out as well such as Carlos Boozer, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Amare Stoudmire these four of the many free agents played a big part in where Lebron would end up. They all had one thing in common win a championship. As the summer dragged on and the rumors just became annoying on ESPN to who would end up where the players sure made some noise. The biggest of course coming with the big new 3 in Miami (Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh) made the Clevend Fans make Lebron James like John Hanncock a traitor of the city while Miamai praised him as a God. Was it the right thing for him to go on a hour speacil and announce it we may never know but he did and it turned everything around. Not only did the Free Agency bring some excitment to the fans lets not forgot about the draft. Sure if your team didnt have a top 5 pick you might as well forget about it, but how can anyone not be excited to see the kid from Kentucky John Wall. You could say there was a lot of talent on the Kentucky team but lets face it John Wall was a superstaer in College and who could pass on him in the Draft.

As the season finally beagn with basically a new Easteren confernece and the same old West (aka the Lakers conference) they kicked it off with a interesting matchup Miami Heat vs. the Boston Celetics. And to answer all your questions YES Preason does matter! They Heat showed us that you can't jsut build a dynsaty overnight it takes time even though lets face it they will become one sorry Laker fans your days are over. As the night continued we saw Blake Griffin who? the #1 pick form a year ago out due to injury actually be what he is hyped up to be. Yes Clipper fans you can show your face again, you have soemthing to be excited about. Well for the rest of the wek of the Nba everything went as planned superstars played like Superstars (Durant, Kobe, Rondo,) etc and for John Wall ya he is going to be something. Well it was a entertainign yet somewhat of a predictiable first week of the NBA. Shall it be another boring year I would say so I mean you could basically guess the Western Conference Playoffs right now and well for the East after the 6th seed its up to anyone but who really cares have fun losing in the first round.


MVP: Durant

Rookie of the YR: John Wall

Coach of the YR: Greg Popovich yes I got that idea from ESPN I tell the truth
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