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A Love that Amanda thought she would never find again.
A Christmas Angel

Chris and I were high school sweethearts happy and in love. We started a landscape architecture company fresh out of college. It was our baby, a project that we built from the ground up. Into a business where people can come and look for architecture for gardens, homes, and bridges. Whenever we go on vacation, Danny always takes the helm. He is exceptional at his job; people love his work. He primarily focuses on gardens but does everything. When Christmas time comes around and Chris and I always go above and beyond the call of duty for our coworkers. We always throw Christmas parties and give out bonuses. We have three wonderful children, Matty, 9, Chrissy, 7, and Katie, 5. They love Christmas just as much as we do. "Amanda, Katie, and I are going to the store," Chris told her. "Okay," but be careful it's snowing, and the roads are icy". Amanda replied. "I will my love." Chris said". "Katie are you ready? "Yes daddy." As I watch them leave, I pray they come back safe. That fateful day my husband and baby girl went out to finish Christmas shopping. They picked up some pies, like, Apple, Cherry, and Sweet Potato. They also got gifts; my baby girl got a little black-white spotted stuffed pup for me. My loving husband got me a snow globe precious moment "To have and to hold." They also got a charm bracelet with multiple charms for me. They also bought gifts for Matty and Chrissy. As Chris and Katie were getting into a blue velvet metallic Chevy Impala, Katie asked her daddy, “Do you think mommy will love this? Katie questioned. “Mommy will love it,” Chris replied, smiling.

As Katie was putting the charmed bracelet around the stuffed pup. Chris looks over at his beautiful little girl, not realizing there is a car heading right at them. He smiles. When he turns back, he sees the other car at the last second. Chris had no time to react. He tried to put his arm out to protect Katie, but it was not enough. Glass and blood were everywhere, and smoke and oil spilled out onto the road. As the officers rushed to the scene, the officers called for backup, plus fire and ambulance. Officer Brennan ran up to the car, not knowing the car had a little girl, once at the car he sees her and called for a second ambulance. As he looked around inside, he noticed what the little girl had in her hands, a little stuffed pup with a charmed bracelet, and a note attached to it. It reads ‘to momma with love, love Katie. Tears ran down his face as he thought of his little girl. As Officer Mitchel runs up to the other car, it was a white Chevy Volt. He calls for a third ambulance. He smells alcohol and a lot of it, as he looks around in the car he sees an open pint of whiskey, he checked for a pulse, but nothing. He called out to Officer Brennan, “Any pulse on the father and daughter? "Negative," Officer Brennan Replied.

Officer Brennan mentioned, “We need to find Chris’s wife and inform her of what happened.” Once they locate our address, Officer Brennan and Officer Mitchel show up at our home. "Hello, Officers can I help you? I asked. "Hello Amanda, may we come in? Officer Mitchel asked. "Yes, please come in." "What is going on? I asked. "We need to tell you something." What is it? I interrupted! "Your husband Chris and baby girl Katie were in a fatal car accident this morning. Officer Mitchel said. "What! NO! NO!. I cried. I fell to the couch. My heart is broken. "I know this is a bad time, but here are the gifts from Chris and Katie." Officer Brennan sighed. "Thank you for these, Officer Brennan."

Officer Brennan gave me the stuffed pup with the charm and the note. My eyes filled with tears as I read it. "I love you too, my baby girl," Amanda whispered. Still tearing up, I called for my kids Matty and Chrissy to come downstairs. "Come sit down, I need to tell you some bad news." What's wrong, momma? The kids asked," With worried looks on their faces. "Daddy and your baby sister had died." Tears rolled down their cheeks. "NO!" Matty yelled. "Daddy was here this morning with us, why did he even go out? Katie is in shock and not knowing what to say. Katie runs up to her room sobbing. "Katie, wait!" Amanda calls out.

It was the hardest thing I had to do. "I need to tell Danny, but how? Danny and Chris had been best friends since grade school, they were like brothers. "Danny, It's Amanda," I need to tell you something" "What's wrong? Danny asked. I'm not sure how to say this," "Amanda just say it," Danny interrupted. "Fine" Chris and Katie are dead. They died this morning in a fatal car accident," I can hear Danny sobbing over the phone. "Danny, Are you there? "yes" "I don't know what to say" I'm sorry Amanda, do you need anything? Danny asked, "I need help with the funeral arrangements, I told Danny, “I will let them all know, and I will take care of the company, I will also take care of the funeral arrangements.” Danny said. “I would like that thank you,” I told him.

After the wake and funeral of her husband and 5-year-old daughter, Amanda, tried to go back to work. "Danny, is this the project Chris was working on? Amanda asked. "Yes," "he was making that for you and the kids, he wanted to have this garden/park made by Christmas," Danny said. "Amanda, Your Back! I look up and see a bubbly, brown hair, brown-eyed with the biggest smile. Abby. "Yes", but not sure how long Abby." I noticed her smile turning to a frown. "I'm sorry Abby," It's okay, boss," Abby whispered. "Let's finish this project that Chris started." I sniffled. Five hours later that project was done. "We did it," Abby boasted. "What do you think, Amanda? Danny pondered. "I'm very happy and thrilled." Trying not to show how much I'm dying inside for her husband and baby girl. Many months later, I'm still trying to work through my loss and get more work done and raise my two wonderful children without my husband and baby girl. I go to talk to Danny about me and the children leaving. "Danny, Can we talk? Of course, What's wrong? Danny cautioned. "I can't stay here anymore, I have tried, and I keep seeing Chris and Katie everywhere I go or turn, I can smell his cologne everywhere in the house. I can't focus on work, I'm messing up at home." I mumbled. "But you are doing good here at work," Danny assured me. I got up and walked around the table and thought, "but, Dan, I can't" "Yes, you can, Amanda" You are doing good," I can hear his voice crack when he speaks to me. "The children and I will be leaving this week, I bought a house, in the town we are going to," I said. "

It's Friday. We are packed and ready to leave. "Kids, I need to stop at work first," I told the kids. "Okay, mamma." They said. I walked into my office for the last time and saw all the wonderful flowers and gifts. I turned around and saw Danny and Abby standing there. "Hello, Please don't leave," Abby said. "I need to Abby," I need to make a fresh start in a new town, not just for me, but for my children too," I said. " Abby and Danny were grieving the loss of Chris and me. "Goodbye, you two," Amanda whispered. "It's not goodbye, It's see you later," They said. "Kids, are you ready? I asked. "Yes, mamma." The kids replied. The kids and I left and moved to a new town, with a new job and new school. The house sold. "We are going to be starting over in a new town." Amanda tells her children, "Where are we going, momma? Chrissy asked. "We are going to a nice little town called Christmas" Amanda heard a little laugh from Matty and asked, "Matty, what is funny? "This town is called Christmas," Matty said, giggling. Amanda tells her children that happiness and joy are spread throughout the year here in town, and it is also where I have a few friends and your aunt lives." I replied. "We are here, " I looked up and see a big beautiful two-story home, with big pillars in the front, with a small rose garden by the walkway. "It's a big house mamma," Chrissy said. "Yes, it is," I replied. "The movers are here, let's do this," Matty said. "I agree," I said. "Aunty," Chrissy said, beaming with a big smile. "It is so good to see you and your brother and mom," It has been too long." "Hello baby sister," Laura said. "Hello sis, I said. "You still look good," My sister grinned. "What brings you here? She asked. "We needed a fresh start, the kids lost their father and baby sister," I said. I'm trying not to cry, but I fail. "I miss Chris, a lot sis, I said. "I can tell," Laura replied. While Laura finished helping us move in, two of my closest friends showed up. John and Jenny. "Hey, Amanda, it's your two craziest friends," John said. "Hugs" to you both," I replied. "Now get your buts in here, and help me move this couch," I said, laughing. "By the window with the couch," I said. "Yes," Jenny said. We all fall to the couch laughing. "God" I needed this," I said. Trying not to show my pain. I heard a knock on the door, "I'll get it," Jenny said. "Has she always been this bubbly? I am John, "Oh yes,"

As the night went on. "I have to work in the morning, Amanda asked, what do you do for work, Mike said, I am a deputy for this county, Amanda said, that is a good career.

He asks her, “what do you do for work? she asked, “nothing yet, but I am looking to do some waitressing.” Mike said. "There is a diner down the street, that is looking for a waitress", she said "I will go in the morning and apply," Mike told Amanda, "Good night, and see you tomorrow". She told mike, "Good night and see you tomorrow."

As mike leaves Amanda sees that little girl again and closes the door quickly and goes upstairs to look in on her children sleeping soundly. Before Amanda goes to her room to relax and sleep from a long, she thinks about the little girl she saw and asked herself " can that be my little Katie? But how? As tears roll down her face.

The morning sun was shining the air was crisp. Amanda put on her coat. Drove the children to school. Amanda went to the diner that Mike told her to go and see one of the waitresses. When she got to the diner, Amanda looked at it and noticed it was old and it looked like a little diner. It had two brown benches on each side of the door. Amanda walked in through the red screen door. Amanda saw her little girl with blue eyes, long blond hair, a warm soft smile in a beautiful long pastel pink dress. Standing at the end of the brown bar table. Amanda walked into the diner and asked for an application for a job. The waitress handed her the form. Amanda noticed the waitress had her gray, brown hair up in a bun. She looked tired, like she worked all night.

The waitress asked her, "What is your name? And do you want anything to eat? You look hungry".

Amanda said, "I am, but I just want a coffee with cream and sugar please." The waitress said, “Okay one coffee coming up".

Amanda filled out the form. Amanda handed it back to the waitress. The waitress gives it to her boss. He looked it over. He goes over to talk to her. They had the interview right there.

"You got the job," he told Amanda, "Can you start tomorrow morning? she said, "Yes, I can.

He said, "good see you then." Amanda was so happy; she can now give her children a good Christmas. As the doorbell rang for the door at the diner, she noticed a tall handsome man in a sheriff’s uniform, he had dark brown hair with brown eyes. Has he takes off his cap he smiled at the waitress. He told her, my usual, “black with one sugar please.”

Amanda noticed it was Mike. Amanda was happy to see him again. As Mike grabbed his morning coffee, the waitress told mike, "We have a new waitress."

Mike asked, "Is it, Amanda"? The waitress said, "yes how did you know,"

"Mike said, I was with her and her children yesterday. The children are cute and shy." Mike noticed Amanda, her blue eyes, long blond hair which she has up in a ponytail and a cute little smile, she was wearing blue jeans, with a pretty pink and white tee-shirt. Mike went over to have coffee with her.

He asks her "what you did for work." she said, "I co-owned a company with my deceased husband. "The company made parks for towns.

They start talking. His boss came over the hand-held radio. "Mike where are you." He told him he was at the diner. His boss told him. There is an accident down the street and if he can be of service. He told his boss, "be right there." He told Amanda he would see her later. He left. The waitress told Amanda that Mike is a great man and devoted to the town he grew up.

As Amanda looked out the window, she saw the little girl again. Amanda told the waitress that she would be here in the morning. Amanda tried to pay for her bill, not knowing Mike paid for it before he left. Mike came back after the accident had cleared up, and the waitress told Mike that Amanda went home.

He said, "Okay." Mike went to Amanda's house and she was home. He knocked on her door. She asked, "who it is,"

It was Mike. She opened the door. Again, she noticed the little girl. She asked Mike again, do you see that little girl right there on the bottom step. He looked, and he said no, I am sorry. He asked, "Amanda what's wrong? The little girl is my youngest daughter who died a year ago in a fatal car accident.

It was a beautiful day in December. The fresh falling snow covered the ground. Amanda and her two children Matt and Chrissy were walking around looking for a Christmas tree. The snow was falling and getting heavy. As they were walking Amanda saw a beautiful little 5-year-old girl, there is just one thing, Amanda is the only one that notices her.

She said, "My name is Katie," Amanda asked her, "are you there"? The little girl said, "yes mommy I am." Amanda starts to cry and walks away. Thinking, "Can this be my daughter that I lost a year ago" She could not believe what she just saw. Matty and Chrissy found the right tree for their home.

As they went to get Amanda, they see her crying and ask her, "what's the matter mommy"? She said nothing is wrong. She did not tell her children about Katie. She bought the tree.

As they put the tree into the back of the black Chevy pickup truck, a handsome man around his 40's helped them with the tree. He asked Amanda, where they are from, she said, "nowhere special" we are still new to this area, we live at the other end of town.”

"I bought a house here for my children and me," as the kids stand next to their mother.

Amanda introduces them, "This is Matty, my 9-year old short brown hair, brown eyes and this is Chrissy, how looks just like her mother, blond hair, blue eyes, she is the hyper one, my 7-year old". Only Chrissy says hi to the man. He said," can I help with the tree.

Chrissy said, "yes" but Matt did not say a word. Amanda told Mike he is welcome to help. As they all got back to the house, Amanda sees the little girl again and rushes the children into the house.

As Mike took the tree into the house, he notices there was no fire going. After he put the tree up and ready for the children, Amanda asked Mike if he would like to stay for hot chocolate, he said: "yes, I would like to stay for some hot chocolate."

He asks Amanda "where is the firewood for the fireplace," she said, "they are out back, next to the house." He went to the back of the house for the firewood to bring the wood in and set the fire. The children got the decorations for the tree. Chrissy was running and crying and told her mother "Matty hurt himself" Amanda and Mike both go running to Matty. Matty, what is wrong?" Matty told his mom, "I think I broke my arm," I was playing and fell off the bed and hit the floor hard."

Mike noticed that Matty hurt his arm and rush to the hospital. The nurse ran out and got Matty, took him to the emergency room while Mike and Chrissy were waiting in the waiting room. Amanda walked with the nurse. The doctor did some test and said that “Matty did break his arm when he fell.”

Amanda eases Matty. She tells him, "everything is going to be okay." As she signed the release forms, the Doctor told Amanda, "go see his Dr around six weeks, for a check-up on his arm. "So that it is healing good, and if anything, else goes wrong bring him back here."

They get back to the warm house, as Amanda puts the children to bed, she tells them "they can finish with the tree in the morning." Little does Amanda know; Mike has started the tree. When she came back to the liven room, she noticed Mike finished the tree, and the lights were up. Mike is standing there with hot chocolate for her.

She smiled and said, "Thank you, Mike." The children will be happy in the morning. As the night goes on Mike says, "I have to work in the morning." When Mike looked at Amanda, he noticed how tired she is. Mike told her, "goodnight I will see you tomorrow."

Amanda said, "goodnight and see you tomorrow." As Mike leaves Amanda sees that little girl again, and closes the door quickly, and goes upstairs to look in on her children sleeping soundly. She then goes to sleep.

She said nothing, but Mike did not believe her. She was crying and scared. Amanda finally told Mike that her husband and 5-year-old daughter was in a fatal car accident both died on the scene, he held her till she stopped crying. He asked, could that be the little girl you see? She said I do not know it could be, but how she is dead. He said, “Anything is possible, it is Christmas.”

Mike asked, “Are you going to be okay; I need to go back to work, I get off work around 5 pm tonight, she said yes, "I will be okay, the children will be home soon. I do not want them to see me like this. He said okay, I could come back after work. She said okay see you then.

She goes back to the album her husband made for her, and she thinks back to all the good memories they had together, as she is looking, Amanda noticed that her little girl is the little angel Amanda kept seeing and smiles, and warmth goes through her, as if her husband was right there with her. Amanda was looking through the album when something startles her. She rushed to the window, and she saw a car accident. She went outside to see and noticed that the car had hit a snowbank. Amanda went over to help.

She was a registered nurse before she moved here with her children. She calls for help. The ambulance and the deputy show up. Mike asked her, "are you okay Amanda," she said "yes" I am fine," the man in the car isn't.” By Amanda helping the man, he is going to be okay. As the ambulance leaves. She goes back in and waits for her children. She get

s ready to make them some snacks, Mike goes back to work, told Amanda he would see her later.

The children come running into the house. Amanda said wait, "take your coats and boots off." Amanda hugs her children. Amanda hands them their snacks. "Now do your schoolwork, and I will get dinner started.”

It is around 5:30 pm and Amanda is wondering where Mike is, she gives her children their dinner. Amanda then hears a Knock on the door, its Mike, she is happy to see him, He brought a stuffed teddy bear for Christy and a toy fire-engine for Matty, Mike asked, “how did the Doctors go?

“Amanda said, “It went okay Matty’s arm healed well, Mike said, “that's excellent news.”

Mike asked the children if they would like to finish with the Christmas decorations, they said, “yes”. They asked Amanda, “do you want to help too”? “Yes, she said, "I would love to." Amanda and the children put up the stockings over the fireplace. Mike asked Amanda, "would you be my Christmas date for the Sheriff's ball”.

She told Mike, "I don't have a dress for it." Mike then gave her a beautiful light blue box with a red bow, she opened it, and saw a long beautiful pastel blue dress, she asked, “how did you know my dress size?”

Mike said that, Chrissy mentioned it. “and who would watch the children?” Mike told her, “My sister would love to watch them.” He called his sister so she can meet her, Susie came over, and everyone met, the children like her, Amanda likes her too, and said okay. Mike told Amanda the ball is this weekend and it is going to be a lot of fun. She cannot wait. As the week goes by. Amanda enjoys working, and Susie has a babysitting job, Susie loves and adores the children, the children adore and love Susie. As the weekend comes around, Amanda is getting more and more excited about going.

The weekend is here as Amanda gets ready, Susie shows up and helps Amanda finish getting prepared. They hear a knock on the door, its Mike. Mike had dressed in full uniform. Amanda slowly walks down the stairs, Mike cannot help but stare, she is the most beautiful woman he has seen, they both smile at each other. Mike hands Amanda bouquet, Amanda smiles took the flowers, said, “let me put these in water,”

Susie takes the flowers and tells her she will do that, “you two have fun at the ball, and see you when you get home.”

Mike says, “The car is waiting,” as Susie and the children watch.

Mike and Amanda leave for the ball, as they ride to the ball, Mike gives Amanda a necklace, Amanda told him, It was beautiful," and asks him if he can put it on, as he does, he kisses her check, Amanda blushes and smiles.

She was thinking, “I have been with this wonderful man now for about a year and a half, Mike is happy, and I am happy, I do not want this to end.” They get to the ball, as he helps Amanda out of the car, everyone looks, and stares, one person says, she is beautiful. The gown she is wearing is blue laced floor length. They walk together arm and arm. Amanda cannot help but smile.

Once inside, everyone stops and looks, they see a woman as beautiful blond, blue eyed sweetheart and elegant as the sunrise. The other officers walked up to them and started talking, she stood quiet and listened. Mike introduces Amanda not just as his date, but as his girlfriend. The officers said, “Welcome and have fun, Mike is a great man you are lucky to have him.”

The ball goes on, and the night is still young, the dinner is good, the music is good, everyone is caring and supportive, it is around 11 pm the ball is getting ready to slow done, as the other offices leave, everyone says goodnight, his boss said, “take tomorrow off”.

Mike said, "okay boss.” Weeks go by its Christmas Eve. Amanda was getting ready to put the children to bed. Santa come tomorrow, Matty and Christy both ask, "Mommy is Mike coming over again,"

Momma said yes, “he is, right now he is working, but he will be here soon, get some sleep, so Santa will come and leave you some gifts”. she kisses her children goodnight and wishes them a Merry Christmas, "goodnight and Merry Christmas mommy."

It was Christmas eve when Amanda walked into the living room, she saw Mike, putting gifts under the tree for the children and her, all but one. She asked, “what is the little box, did you forget to put that under the tree? Mike said, “no sweetheart, that is for you.” I can open it now. “Yes, he said, as she opens the gift, there is a smaller box in it, again she smiles, as Amanda starts to open it, her blue eyes light up. Mike smiled as he watched her, open that small box to see a beautiful diamond with begets on the side. Mike asked her to come over by the fireplace. Amanda thinking, “it has been two years now, I have falling in love with this man more and more every day.”

Mike told her how much he has fallen in love with her over the past two years and how much he would love to have her as his wife, and he told her that he wants her and the children to be his and that he will love them has his own. He then puts the ring on her finger, she looks at the 14k yellow gold Diamond with a big beautiful smile. As they lay together, Amanda saw little Katie again, and she says, “Merry Christmas mommy, I am your Christmas angel.” Amanda then relaxes in Mikes' arms.

It is morning. Mike is already awake. Amanda wakes up, the children come running downstairs, and notices the gifts, Amanda said, "Merry Christmas everyone." Matty and Chrissy say, "Merry Christmas” Mike said, Merry Christmas, "everyone," he looks out the window, says it is snowing, and he sees a child outside. Mike asked Amanda, "come here am I seeing things or is that your little girl? Amanda looked and said, "yes that is my little girl Katie, my beautiful Christmas angel, they both smiled, and looked back at the children. They both go to the tree and starting opening gifts. Amanda thought to herself, the children and I are going to be okay. As the children were opening their gifts, they all went outside and played in the snow.

The End.
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