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Mary Bennett gets a happy romantic ending.
Brandon asked Mary if she would like to walk around the grounds with him. Brandon offered Mary his arm and Weston just watched. Mary tilted back her beautiful red head and bat her eyes at Brandon. Mary was a flirt but she didn't know she had just broken Weston's heart. Brandon and Mary walked off. Weston just stood there and walked to the pond. He almost fell into the pond.

"Sir, be careful!" Weston looked to the right and saw a pretty young dark headed girl with a sketch pad. Weston was embarrassed.

He smiled. "Thank you, Miss. I could have fallen in the pond and maybe drowned." He was glad the young lady had called out to him.

"I am Georgiana. Are you a friend of my brother Darcy?"

"I just meet Darcy but he is a nice man and he invited me to stay. I bought Miss Mary Bennett to visit her sister Elizabeth. Nice to meet you, Miss Georgiana. I am Weston Hughes."

"Hello, Mr; Hughes. Do you like art?"

"Yes, I do, Miss. Do you draw and paint?"

"I am working on a picture of Pemberly. What do you think?" Georgiana held up the picture.

It was a huge drawing and beautiful art. Weston was impressed. "That is beautiful, Miss Georgiana. You are real good."

"Thanks. Are you staying long?"

"Until after the ball."

"Good. I love Darcy, Elizabeth and Mary but I need a friend." Georgiana smiled.

"Well, Miss Darcy, I am your new friend." Weston sat down on a bench next to Georgiana. Just then a black poodle jumped on Weston's lap.

"Fifi! Get down!" Georgiana yelled.

"That is alright. I love dogs. I have a dog of my own, Bo that is here with your other dogs." Weston got his face licked from Fifi.

Weston and Georgiana seemed content by the pond.

Brandon and Mary walked by the woods. "So, Mary what are your plans for the future?" Brandon winked.

"I hope to go back to college in London. Right now, I am staying at Pemberly hiding from my mother."

"Really, pretty lady. College educated? Hiding from your mother. So, you aren't just looking for a husband?"

"At the moment, no. My sister Lizzie says you were in the Navy. Have you traveled everywhere?"

"Yes, you might say that. I have been to Egypt, the Carribean, America, Africa and Australia."

Mary was impressed. "Really? I have only been to London and Bath where I live. I consider Pemberly an adventure."

Brandon laughed. "How would you like to go to the Carribean with me in two weeks unless you will be busy with college?"

Mary's heart skipped several beats. "I would be honored. We will have seperate cabins?"

"Yes, Mamn. I am a gentleman and I have just met you and you fascinate me." Brandon winked. Mary was on cloud nine. Now, this was her idea of a man. Handsome, well groomed, a former sailor and a Mr. Darcy type. This man was going to be hers.

It was dinner time and Weston was sitting with Georgiana. Mary was glad Weston had found someone to talk to. Darcy and Brandon talked business and Mary talked to Georgiana about her art and her new dog. Georgiana told Mary she liked Weston. "Is he your beau?"

Mary smiled. "No, he is a good friend." Mary and Brandon kept passing looks at each other each other and Georgiana and Weston kept looking at each other.

The next few days, Mary and Brandon walked the grounds and talked about the classes Mary had taken at college. Brandon and Mary went horse back riding and stopped by another pond on the Darcy estate.
They sat by the pond and Mary asked Brandon what he was going to do in the Carribean.

"I have a house there and have business there. I build ships and I have several men who are sailing ships for deilvery there. Do you still want to go with me?"

Mary smiled. "Yes, I do. I would love to see your house."

Brandon and Mary were sitting by the pond and Brandon drew her in for a kiss. Mary thought she was in Heaven. Brandon and Mary kissed for awhile and Brandon told Mary that they should get back to Pemberly. Mary nodded.

Weston and Georgiana rode horses and she taught Weston how to do art work. Weston was beginning to really like Georgiana. He tried to forget about Mary and her new friend Brandon. If it wasn't for Georgiana, Weston would have returned to Bath days ago.

Darcy and Brandon were in Darcy's study and discussing business.

"Mary, are you falling for Brandon?" Lizzie asked.

"Yes. He has asked me to go to the Carribean with him. I am going."

"Is that a wise idea? Brandon is a nice man but he doesn't get serious about any woman. I would hate for you to get hurt."

"I can take care of myself. Brandon has been a perfect gentleman."

Lizzie hoped so. The ball was tomorrow night and Mary and Lizzie were rearranging flowers.

Mary hummed to herself. Lizzie hoped she wouldn't get hurt. Weston and Georgiana were growing closer. Darcy didn't mind. At least Weston didn't have a broken heart.

Mary played the piano that night and Brandon was with Mary singing sea shanties and they were both laughing. Weston and Georgiana sat on the couch by the fireplace and they were content.

That night before Mary went to bed, Brandon escorted Mary to her room and kissed her. "I will be going into town with Darcy tomorrow but I will see you at the ball tomorrow night." Mary smiled.

"Until tomorrow, Mr. Trent." Brandon bowed and went to his room. Mary was too excited to sleep. She did sleep a few hours.

The next morning, Georgiana and Weston went riding. They went to the pond to talk.

"I was married before, Georgiana. I enjoy being with you. I thought you had a right to know."

"I made a fool out of myself over a Mr. Wickham, a soldier Lizzie's sister Lydia married but Darcy had to clean up that mess. I am glad he is Lydia's problem."

"Georgiana, I will be your knight in shing armor. I love you. Will you marry me? I will talk to Darcy about this if you agree."

Georgiana smiled and her eyes were all starry. "I love you. too. I want to marry you." Weston kissed Georgiana. He was so glad he had met her.

The ball was in a few hours. Mary had tried on her pink dress several times. It was low cut and Mary was so excited. The sevants were fixing food and preparing food and decorating. Mary was so glad when Darcy and Brandon returned. She could hardly wait. She bumped into Weston and he told Mary his news about marrying Georgiana. Mary was surprised but she hugged Weston and wished him well. Weston talked to Darcy and Darcy gave his consent. He liked Weston and he knew he would be right for Georgiana.

Lizzie looked at Mary's dress and sighed. Mary was daring and Lizzie hoped her sister knew what she was doing.Lizzie changed into a lavender dress. Darcy had a French designer design it for her. Mary added pearls to her dress and Lizzie settled for a cameo.Georginia had a beautiful powder blue dress on. The guests started to arrive and the band started to arrive.Mary saw Brandon. He stopped to hold her hand and told her how beautiful she looked. He was going into the study to talk to Darcy. Lizzie felt business could wait. She greeted the guests and she felt Darcy should be by her side. Weston appeared and sat on a chair by Georginia. They were a lovely couple. Lizzie smiled. The clock chimed seven and Lizzie welcomed her guests and Darcy appeared and hoped everyone would enjoy the ball. Brandon asked Mary to dance and the band had started playing. Mary and Brandon kept in step and Mary couldn't be happier. Other couples started to dance and Lizzie and Darcy were dancing as well. Mary felt she could have danced all night. Weston and Georginia came over to talk to Brandon and Mary when the band took a break. Brandon congraulated the happy couple and hugged Georginia. The band was back and Mary and Brandon continued dancing. After the next dance, Brandon took Mary outside by the veranda. He kissed her.

After the kiss ended, he took Mary's hand. "Mary, I admire you and love you. I have been with you a lot this week. Would you do the honor of being my wife?"

"I love you, too Brandon and yes I will marry you. You have made me so happy." Brandon kissed Mary again.

They went back inside and Mary told Lizzie and Lizzie hugged her. Darcy smiled and winked at Brandon. He told him that he had made an excellent choice.Darcy announced the engagements of Weston and Georginia and Mary and Brandon's. Mary kept hugging Brandon and was so happy. The ball ended before 11:00PM. Mary had found her Prince Charming.

Mary and Brandon had a small wedding ceremony the following week. Darcy had a French designer design Mary's wedding dress. It had several layers and had pearls sewn in the dress. Brandon thought Mary was the most beautiful bride ever. Tomorrow they would leave for the Carribean.

Mary's parents showed up for the wedding. Mrs, Bennett apologized to Mary. Mary hugged her mother.
"I am glad you and father are here for the wedding. I love you both. I have chosen a good husband."

Mr. Bennett hugged Mary. "Be happy, Princess. We miss you. I love you."

Mary kissed her father's cheek. She hoped mother would nag him no more.

Mrs. Bennett approved of Brandon. Mary felt that her life was complete.

The wedding took place and Mary was now Mary Trent. She was so happy. There were a few guests and they danced. Mary headed back to her room and she heard Brandon and Darcy talking in the library.

"Brandon, here are the ship building contracts I promised you if you married Mary."

"Thanks, my friend but I really do love Mary. You didn't have to bribe me with contracts. I realized at the ball just how much I love Mary. I promise to treat her well."

Mary felt like that she had been a business arrangemrnt but Brandon loved her. It didn't matter how she Brandon and her ended up together, at least he did love her. Thank goodness. Mary swallowed her pride and Brandon came to her room and they made love. Tomorrow, they would be on his ship to the Carribean. Mary had it all. A handsome rich husband and he was a good lover as well. Mary vowed that they would make each other happy. Weston and Georgiana were happily married as well.
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