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An acrostic about what Thanksgiving means to me
What Thanksgiving Means To Me

Where has the time gone, the seasons fly by so fast
Halloween was here seems yesterday, I can’t believe it’s passed
And now we have the holidays, with money so very tight
Take time to give thanks, especially to those out of sight

The holiday draws near, as families gather together
He sits at home all alone, feeling under the weather
Another day has passed, and no letter in the mail
Nor a card or a note, he thinks their love has paled
Kids see him and shy away, he doesn’t look too well
Grumbling, mumbling softly; he withdraws further in his shell
In his mind he sees so much, it tortures him throughout the day
Visions of times spent with her, he wonders if she’s okay
It’s not often that he feels like this, seems only at this time of year
Now the memories come unbidden, his eyes shed their tears
Grieving for many others, missing the loved one he reveres

Memories are perfect, for reminding us of special times
Every day he gives his thanks; once again, his spirits climb
And like other holidays before, he goes to the local food bank
Not to ask for food, but to help, so others can give thanks
Suddenly he spies his special one, a broad smile fills his face

Together they work side by side, then sit to eat after saying grace
On this day of giving thanks, he knows what he’s thankful for

Misery is no longer near, he’s found love in his heart once more
Everything’s right in his world, now he’s strengthened to his core

Jim Dorrell

So, one might wonder, what Thanksgiving means to me?  What every other special day, every holiday means.  It's all about LOVE.
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