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Just a crack...
         Sometimes all we really need is just a crack to let the light in.  Sometimes it's just too hard to get it to crack.  We can hit and claw until our knuckles are bloody and our fingers are raw, but we can't even scratch the surface.  Dry bones are brittle and break even the ones that house the universe in which we dwell.  Yet there we are dragging that endless ring of keys down ever darker corridors trying to find which lock fits which key.  Knowing full well that there will not always be enough light to even see the doors.  But it's there!  Oh Yes, we have all seen it.  That mysterious light that pervades that brittle cage and fills us with...with what exactly?  Creativity? Visions?  sometimes it feels more like a hand that shakes us awake.  That was always my least favorite thing about being a child; that hand that dragged you from dreams.  It was usually my mother's.  And it usually was purposed.  School, or some such.  I haven't had that hand shake me awake in years, but I still have my dreamings.  Even if they are running slow and get disturbed by what happens in real life.  I enjoy blaming what happens in my normal day-to-day on my inability to find the right pairing of keys and doors, but I do understand full well that it is really just my own fault.  I know how brittle the bone is.  I know how to recognize the light when I see it.  I just think sometimes it is easier to actually stay asleep.  Sometimes I think my dreams want to stay inside.  Or, at least I want them to.

Sorry if this sounds like ramblings, it is.  Thanks for reading.

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