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by fyn
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Neptune Rises in the Gulf
The towering wave loomed above as its foamy fingers lashed outward.
His angry palm slapping the offenders into submission-Nay, none
shall anger Neptune and feel not the trident's power,
and beneath the wave did creatures flee, though some did hide and cower.

Eyes larger than cyclopic eye of gargantuan sea behemoth,
a roar far more deafening than epic crash of surf on shore
a rage unsheathed, no turning back, he would stand no more the thoughtless gain
And Neptune stuck his trident down right through the hearts who caused his pain.

The dawn came down in fiery crimson, nay the storm had yet to die
Diamond sand and wild wind filtered thus to speed the cleansing draught.
Tsunomic waves stirred up the deep, no well nor pipeline dare foul his sea.
He washed their derricks, mines and trawlers far inland and left them be.

In time, the waters stilled and flattened, the surface; now calm and clear as glass,
Land dwellers had their lesson learned, no more to puncture Neptune's soul;
Nor more to drink of Neptune's blood; he drained; filleted the greedful beast.
Then sank once more beneath the waters, at least, for now, the storm had ceased.

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