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by jaya
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I love my Motherland.
Still Loving You

Years pass
Past loses to present
And the present melts
Into future.

Yet, you continue
To lure me
To fascinate
And captivate me.

I am forever
Lost to your charms
Your never failing
Support, your abiding affection.

I am still loving you and grateful
For the kind of person
You’ve made me
With your elements.

You’ve nurtured me
With your good deeds
I see the beauty and grace
You’ve spread around

For my blissful pleasure.
I hear the divine rhythm
of the Vedas, the Upanishads
The immortal music

Of the saints, the worshippers
Of Muse and the eternal Nature forever
Echoing in the atmosphere
Of your earth, my Heaven.

By what measure
Can I repay this generosity?
My mother, my loving land!
If I am to be born again

Let me come to you
To shelter in your gracious
Bosom, to bathe in the river
Of your milky kindness.

For, years pass
I still love you.

The Vedas are the ancient Hindu scriptures.
The Upanishads form the core of Hindu teachings.

Won First Place in Sherri Gibson's "Coloring the World" Poetry contest.
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