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A ghost/horror story.
This is a Ghost Story that I am working on, it is a work in progress.

This is a completely made up story, this is completely science fiction.

So hope you enjoy.

The story is written as if the person who was in this situation is talking to you or someone else. Discribing and telling every little detail of what went on.

Here we go...

This story is based in the Lake District, hense the name.

A Haunting In The Lakes.

Chapter One.

A New Life.

This is what happened to me and my family five years ago. We had just moved into our new house, we were all very enthusiastic for the move, as we had a bit of a rotten time back in our other place, bad neighbours and all that jazz.

But anyway we pull up to this beautiful house, that we are still living in by the way, we just couldn’t move away, we just came so connected with the property, so we decided to stay.

The kids just loved the large garden this house had, which the other didn’t have, and my wife was very happy with the size of the house itself, big kitchen, lovely big bedrooms and living rooms the works.

The kids are first into the house and straight away were arguing over which bedroom they wanted, which worked to our advantage as we had a few moments to ourselves to look around once more in piece.

A few days goes by and we start to find that the kids were been a bit different, they weren’t been themselves, we thought it was maybe sinking in, the move and all, moving away from there friends and the rest of the family. We just hit it on the head and thought not to say anything. But another week went by and they just didn’t seem to snap out of there moods they were in.

When Mary, my wife asked them why they were acting like this, and why they weren't going out to play with the other kids.

All she got from them was, ‘‘We were told not to go out and play, we were told to stay in’’, which concerned us. We asked who had told them this, and at the time, we didn’t think much of it, they said that a young girl came to talk to them when they were playing in the rooms, and asked them if they wanted to be friends.

The girl also asked them to stay and play with her, to keep her company and never leave her.

‘‘What girl, there isn’t a girl in this house, I would have noticed, said my wife, ''now I want you to stop this nonsense and go out and play okay’’ she continued.

I came in from work to find my wife drinking a bottle of wine to herself, I asked her what was wrong, and she came out with the story that the kids told her, which spooked me a little.

I go upstairs to check up on the kids to find them in my sons room talking to themselves and staring in the corner of the room, laughing and giggling. I knock on the door, they stopped laughing and looked at me as if I had just disturbed them.

‘‘Who are you talking to’’, I said a bit baffled, ‘‘Our new friend, she came to play with us’’, Said my daughter Kaley, ‘‘But theres nobody there’’, I was really starting to get concerned, and carried on walking to mine and the wife’s room.

I just sat on the bed listening to them talking and laughing at nothing. It was hard to sleep that night, as all I could think about was them two talking to nothing and staring in the corner of the room.

The next morning me and my wife are in the kitchen making breakfast, and the kids come wondering in, like death warmed up. My wife asked them if they were alright, we thought they were coming down with something.

''Are you okay you two'', Said my wife, ''Yeah were fine, we just didn't get much sleep last night, the little girl kept waking us up to play with her, we kept saying no, no, but she just kept on doing it'' Said my Son Tomas.

I just remember me sitting there, listening to my son say that, and thinking about seeing them laughing and talking to nothing, This was starting to get quiet serious. Me and the Wife were thinking of getting a child Psychologist to have a chat with them.

We had a long think about this, but we had no other option, so we decided to get one in. So we contacted a Dr P.Thornton, for what we were told from a close friend of ours, he was the man we needed. So we went along to meet him and discuse the situation. We brought the kids along as there was nobody to look after them, as we had moved a fair distance from the rest of the family.

More Soon....
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