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"Standing on the edge of doom...While I trigger much buffoon…" - a poem.
A cigarette smoked to the butt –
She smiles, “You're a bleeping nut…”
This young man seeks his gavel thrust,
As ladies judging trials must!

Standing on the edge of doom,
As she takes floors with a broom,
The clock strikes twelve, so it’s noon,
While I trigger much buffoon…

The motor purrs within congestion,
But lots of cars cause indigestion –
A regal life shall horrifically worsen
From folks who say you must be nursin’.

Confidence blends with trial and error –
Sensitivity is bent with terror…
They say a man who can’t is superior,
But our recent past shows we’re inferior…

This unit of measure for fashioned things
Is not for when our telephone rings;
It’s for those who sing with pride,
While showing their relenting side...

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