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by Sum1
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The holidays are here, and Santa needs help spreading the word, the cheer
Santa’s Helpers

I sat on the park bench, looking at the trees, so bare bone,
The holidays were upon us, once again I’d spend them alone
The sky was overcast, it would surely snow again today
Making the land look more bland, everywhere white and gray

Suddenly, my cell phone vibrated with an incoming text
Being behind in everything, I wondered, “What next?”
My eyes opened wide at the name, and I paused
It was sent from someone named ‘Santa Claus’

“Jim, I have a small problem, and need your help this year”
I decided to play along, and texted, “Santa, you have my ear”
“Jim, times are hard and we need to bring back Christmas cheer,
If we can’t get this message out, Christmas will fail I fear.”

“Santa, I’m confused, what you do you mean, what help do you need?”
“Well, I’m in a quandary, how to spread cheer when there’s so much greed.
In today’s electronic age, you’d think I could get my message out to all
But there are those who would take everything, and let me take the ‘fall’”

“Santa, I’m not sure what I can do, after all I’m only one.”
Jim, that’s just it, I need help, alone it’ll not get done,
Look around you, do you see others smiling for no reason?
If so, then they’ve read what you have, and celebrate the season.”

I glanced around, saw a haggard mother with a smile on her face,
A little farther away, a couple danced while sitting in place
Children ran and laughed, teens were holding hands
I realized that Christmas brought cheer throughout the land

“Santa, I see what you’re saying, I see love everywhere,
I’ll do my part to spread cheer, and the message, here and there.”

“Thank you Jim, I knew I could count on you this year
There’ll be something special in your stocking, I hope you’ll hold it dear.”

Christmas in 2010 was one of the best I’ve ever known
I spent it with my best friends, relaxing in their home.
And somewhere in this world, in a land covered with snow
A bearded gray haired man smiled, and softly chuckled ho-ho-ho

Jim Dorrell
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