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Poem wrapped in a riddle.
Riddle me this a question I raise. This thing I have found,
still keeps me amazed,
This thing has no weight, or numbers or size.
There is little use seeing it, for it confuses the eyes.
It has no length, though at times it is too short.
If you have figured it out, my your quite a sport.
If I‘ve got you stumped how about some more clues.
With out a little of this.
There would be no you.
It has no smell and the taste isn’t there.
But if you have it, people will stare.
It has no color although I have heard it can be blue.
Some times with green eyes.
Is that the right clue?
You can look your whole life and find it just once.
If it has not come to you yet, please don’t feel a dunce.
I have heard people say it is sent from above.
If you need one more clue
lets just call it love
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