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This is about a person who loves writing but is lazy in writing,that person is ME
I know for certainty that I have passion for writing but then I am lazy to write.One moment I decide to write and be diligent and regular at it, but will not go back to it for weeks and sometimes months. And then one faithful day I decided to delve int the reasons for my laziness.

    I remember vividly back in High School, it was a tedious task for me to copy notes from the board and have them completed and I was always searching for and creating abbreviations just to have words shortened. I never took it then to be laziness but now I know better and can state for sure what is responsible for this.

    Yes indeed, I do have an enemy who is trying to mar my becoming a successful writer by inflicting me with the pangs of laziness. This enemy behaves in a subtle manner and is quite insidious. PROCRASTINATION is the enemy. This enemy has become insurmountable because she uses that which is very close and dear to me to attack me---MY MIND. She uses my mind to deceive and manipulate me, causing me to do the right thing at the wrong time and the wrong thing at the right time, telling me "there is time" when in truth, there is no much time.

    I have to conquer this enemy! I would not let it ruin me indefinitely. And so I have to act immediately.

    I believe I am doing that already by writing this. Yes it is possible for me to defeat this enemy because now she has been identified and exposed.It is easier to face a known enemy that an unknown enemy.I have decided to put Procrastination in its place and her agent Laziness and this will further enable me to free MY MIND from her strings and effects.
    I need you to believe in me that I can do this as you read this.
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