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Frustration breeds frustration, Youth wish's nothing more than to be heard.
Are you paying attention to any thing I say
Looking between the words to find a hint of some thing else you’ve heard
It was not me
I told the truth
I never meant to lie
It's so confusing
Now I am all -alone
I only want to hide
In your love
Safe and silent in your love

Some times when I think of you
I tear up and deny
Every thing I said before was meant to tell you why
I have to say good-bye, I have to say good-bye.

Know that when you hear the emptiness echoing in your mind
Its me just running round in circles
running out of time
Following myself to the edge of yesterday
All alone I only want to hide

Do you pay attention to anything I say
Not a word remains un spoken now it all has been exposed
I turn it on you
Its what I always do
Are you listening to me now, are you paying attention to any thing I say
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