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The life story of one man that connects & bonds with 7 girls, then fights for them.
Chapter 1

Seduced on Dance floor then maybe to a hotel to finish what she started.



(Girls, can you imagine a man fulfilling every one of your sexual fantasies just by thinking about what you want him to do to you. Then every move he makes, stimulates your sexual urges as he devours your  cravings  to an orgasmic conclusion.

I know it is impossible to unchain our own Victorian principles, but we can dream, and become consumed from a sensual erotic love story, through other's experiences, and feel as if you are part of the story, having the man devour your every wish as he becomes a perfect partner. He would die protecting you, and all he wants in return, is to love you and be with you.)

Chapter 1

Seduced on the dance floor then maybe to a hotel to finish what she started.


(This story is written from a male's perspective and tries to  describe how intercourse and ejaculating actually feels to a man.  It also covers his needs and what his thoughts and feelings are, as he commits to the girls, and then falls in love with them one by one. Then he has to fight for all their survival as he uncovers a dangerous government secret that affects their lives. The story starts out after they have lived together for eight years, and he has been searching for one more girl, who is part of the experiment, and he needs to convince her to join them, but he has no idea that he is even a part of this experiment, let alone there was one.)

Story Begins.

I was getting ready to leave from my lab, when my friends stopped by, and asked me to go with them for a drink at the corner bar that we frequent.

I said, "I need to go home, it's Friday night, and the girls are waiting for me."

John said, "Call the girls, and they are going to tell you to go out with us, we told them not to wait up for you."

So, I called home, and Cherrie answered the phone. I said, "Hi honey, I have John with me, and he said they were keeping me out tonight, and you knew about it."

Cherrie said, "Yes, you need some time with your friends, so if you stay out all night it's okay with me, and the girls."

I said, "All right! What are you girls up to? I know you have something planned."

Cherrie said, "We have nothing planned, we just thought you needed some time with your friends."

I said, "All right, don't wait up for me; I will probably be home sometime in the morning, as I am not sure what's going to happen tonight."

Cherrie said, "Okay honey, I will see you in the morning, goodnight, I love you."

I said, "Goodnight, I love you!" And we hung up.

I said, "Hey John, you weren't kidding me, so I will meet you at the bar."


Background and Technical Information.

(I was talking to myself, "In eight years I have never stayed out overnight before, and the guys have never stopped by my work and ask me to stay out overnight drinking with them. I know the girls have wanted me to find a girl that is compatible with us, so they send me out with my friends in the hope that I might find that incredible girl. Which is one in one billion chance that she would possess all the qualities and abilities we would require, and be compatible with all the girls? I had made a promise to Linda to find that girl, and have her join us.

I know I have problems with going out, and trying to find that unique girl, as it meant if I saw something in any girl I met, I would have to spend time with her, and then if I thought she might possess all the abilities, and then we would have to be alone, and become sexually intimate.

I have met many girls in the past eight years, but it has never gone past spending a lot of time together, as I have never felt anything but lust, and I needed to feel something more if we were going to connect, and then bond.

How the extreme type bonding works.

First both male and female must be an extreme Empathic, Telepathic types. If only one possesses this ability, then he or she can implant feelings, as well as read thoughts from the other person, as long as that person is in a sexually heighten state, and with all the variables, it gets complicated.

The other person might not even know that they have this ability, and if they did, they would be searching for their match, and as you will find out, it is not easy!

For complete mind bonding to happen, both the female and male must be in a complete orgasmic state together. This orgasmic time will link their minds together, becoming as one.

The orgasmic state of the female will manifest itself by the loss of all control over her body, with uncontrolled screams, and her body will be flailing as she has uncontrolled vagina contractions. Her mind is in the input mode, taking in tens of thousands of sexual sensory nerves, sending electrical signals of excruciating pleasure to her brain.

The orgasmic state of the male will manifest itself by the loss of all control over his body, with uncontrolled sexual grunts or screams, and his body will be flailing as he loses control and has massive, uncontrolled contractions. His mind is also in the input mode, taking in  tens of thousands of sexual sensory nerves, sending electrical signals of excruciating pleasure to his brain.

The brain has electrical and a magnetic fields. Scientists have been studying these fields by using special instruments. The electrical field is measured by an EEG, (electro encephalography), instrument, and the magnetic field is measured by a MEG, (magneto encephalography), instrument. These instruments can only sense changes in the electrical or magnetic fields of the brain. The instruments cannot interpret their meanings, only the brain can interpret the meaning of these fields. ...

If both male and female are Extreme Empathic, Telepathic types, they will have a two-way path to communicate, as they enter each other's minds using these fields.

If only one knows they are an Extreme Empathic, Telepathic type, this one will have the most control, but both will connect at some level.

If they keep being sexually excited, they will exchange all their feelings and thoughts as they feed off each other's desires. However, it's the connection in the brain that takes place when you connect, and then bond.

I used to think this is not even possible, until I was lucky enough to have met the girls, and it happened to me. I now know it is real, because I cannot be without them. 

I know what you are thinking, I am full of "SXXT," and this is just another erotic sex story, no! It's not another erotic, explicit sex story, even though it is extremely, erotic and explicit.

What I am about to tell you, is life changing and mind boggling, and it may even save your relationship or marriage.

All Homo sapiens possess certain types of these abilities, as described above, but when you have a male and female who both possesses this extreme Telepathic, Empathic abilities, and then add sex, love, hormones, and chemicals, you now have a perfect sexual storm.

God made us all different, as we know from our DNA. Except for the mating part, we all function in the same way, we want to mate. You see, God was angry with Adam and Eve when he banished them from the Garden of Eden. Remember, God told them "go-forth-and-multiply."

WHAT!? Do you think he would send them out into the world ill equipped to handle his command to populate the world. Remember, he was angry with them for eating the forbidden fruit when he told them to go-forth-and-multiply.

It has been only recently that modern, man; I hate that term, "modern man," because everyday we become more modern. Well, only in the past ten years has science been able to unlock some of the mysteries of love and sex. It is not all pretty as some of the love hormones have a negative effect on our brain! The deck has been stacked for exactly what God commanded. Producing offspring, you know, having babies, and he did a magnificent job.

Please, stay with me and read the following sites when you have time:




http://www.viking-z.org/s-g-01-empathy.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empathy

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love http://www.reuniting.info/science/coolidge_effect.









'  '  Female orgasm c brain captured in series of brain scans | Science | The



Do your own research, and see if the story I am about to tell you actually happened.  You be the judge.

Oh! I forgot to tell you one more thing, DNA. What do you think would happen if someone modified your DNA?


There are certain parts of the story that had to be changed to protect our identities, and where we live.

I have a question for you, have you ever experience your true first love, and if you did, then you have experienced the hormonal part of the bonding process. Therefore, you know how addictive and powerful bonding can be!

So, let me explain something to you, if you and your partner separate after you have connected, and full bonding has taken place within the last four years, then it is probable that you will go into a deep depression with anxiety, and you could even die from the separation!

Scientists discovered the brain becomes addictive to a group of hormones, like dopamine, oxytocin, prolactin, and levels of androgen receptors increase when you bond.  Every time you build to an orgasm, these hormones increase. The hormone dopamine when you orgasm is said to liken to a heroin storm on the brain, and is as additive as heroin. Therefore, if you stop receiving your fixes, you will go into a withdraw state, this is only with a normal hormonal and chemical type of bonding.

When bonding happens between extreme Empathic, Telepathic types, one or the other or even both will continue having orgasms, you cannot stop thinking about the other person as the orgasms consumes both of you. Each time you are sexually intimate, the bond between both of you grows stronger.

Humans have a lot of this ability, and it gets even more complicated when you bring in all the hormones, nerves, and sensations. I have given you few examples of what happens in the brain, and this is only the hormone, and chemical part of the bonding process.

When you combine Extreme Empathic, Telepathic types, along with nerves, sensations, chemical and hormones, you have now entered the nuclear age!

Just think, if both parties have these extreme abilities, along with hormones, chemistry, nerves, and feedback. You have just created the sexual nuclear bomb!

Feedback is complicated, and hard to explain. Therefore, you have to set up how it works first to explain how the extreme Empathic and Telepathic type brain works...

The brain is extremely complex, and we are only able to measure the results from the brain being stimulated from some source. My source to stimulate my brain is to look at a naked girl. LOL.

We know the brain receives and transmits magnetic waves.

The brain receives and converts the incoming magnetic waves into electrical pulses to be interpreted by the brain, and is continuously reading what the other brain is thinking and feeling by these waves, and vice verse.

Both partner's brains are also continuously converting the electrical pulses of what the brain is thinking and feeling into magnetic fields. ... The extreme Empathic and Telepathic type are highly sensitive to these magnetic fields, and it is as if your partner is actually speaking to you and physically touching you through these fields, and vice verse. This is the first part of the connection process.

Once the male and female have connected, then they become almost like one, understanding and feel what each other feels and is experiencing. This is the bases of the next step, the bonding process of the minds.

When the minds bond during orgasm, the brain is on what can only be described as an inferno of illicit drugs...

This is well beyond a normal bonding, which is likening to a firestorm of illicit drugs on the brain.

The physical part of the bonding process is the male's penis, which is used to give pleasure to the vagina and clitoris, and receive pleasure from the vagina...

Let us go through the feedback process, which amplifies all sexual feelings. ...

The start of the feedback process is the penis entering the vagina, the male thinking, I wish she would squeeze harder, which she immediately complies, and she is thinking, I wish he would go faster which he immediately does.

Then each feels the other's pleasure mentally being fed back into the mind, at the same time receiving pleasure from their physical sex organs. Therefore, the mind has two physical pleasure inputs, one mental, the mind, and the other is physical, sex organs. Both sending pleasure signals to the brain. The brain cannot distinguished between the electrical pleasure signals being generated from your sex organs, or the magnetic pleasure signals being generated from magnetic field of the mind of your partner.

The brain feels both pleasure electrical signals as just one intense pleasure signal, which is the amplification process.

So, both of you will continue feeling the increasing sexual pleasure, which in turn feeds back to each other's brain, and again increasing the feeling of sexual pleasure, until either one, or both  black out for a second  from the excruciating sexual pleasure you both are receiving during your orgasms, breaking the amplification process.

My Explanation of Feedback.

(That's the technical explanation, I will try to explain the process  from my perspective, as I hope my female partner is also feeling the same intensity of sexual stimulation as I am. Here it goes, as I slide my penis into her vagina, my penis starts sending erotic pleasure signals to my brain. I hope at the same time my partner's vagina, and clitoris are sending erotic pleasure signals to her brain, which is transmitted through magnetic waves back to my brain, adding to the pleasure signals I am already receiving from my penis entering her. I assume she is experiencing the same excruciating erotic pleasure as I am, but she is also receiving my brains intensified sexual feelings. The erotic pleasure signals continue to intensify as we continue to make love, and feed off of each other pleasure signals, until both of us reach orgasm. At the point of orgasm, one, or both of us will blackout for a second. The blackout period needs to happen to break the connection between us, allowing us a cool down period, but, it  can ramp up just as fast, and you will continue having orgasms.)

Then you add the hormones, and chemicals with all the other inputs. You now have a nuclear explosion on the brain during the orgasm of the bonding process.

Now you know why the bond "addiction" between the extreme Empathic, Telepathic types are stronger, than just the normal hormonal bonding process, and it does not wear off, instead you need more fixes. As you now know, these extreme types are different from the norm.

I can tell you this, when the extreme types connect and bond, it is a lifelong commitment, or at least I know it has lasted longer than most marriages have, and it continues to grow. However, it is extremely more dangerous to separate, and this cannot be emphasized enough!

Now after all of this, what would happen if your DNA were modified, and caused changes in your anatomical design, and what would be the effects on your organs?

I would like to go back and talk about the love hormone Phenylethylamine (PEA), and the effect it has on us...

The following is some of my observation of the effects of the PEA hormone.

Have you ever thought about some of you friends thinking, how did she ever marry that idiot, and she had a couple of kids from the idiot, or what did she ever see in him, he is so abusive, and she even had a couple of kids from him.

How about the Hollywood marriages, they seemed to be jumping from one bed to another, or they change partners faster than I can change my underwear.

I know I used to think to myself, how could these young kids have all these babies right in a role, with hardly a year between them, or what you see on television about the people in the entertainment industry jumping from one relationship to another. I would be thinking, what's going on.

Now I understand, and it has shed a whole new light on the subject of relationships. Now I just watch with amazement how life marches on, and all these people are oblivious to the hormones affecting their every decision in their lives, and the PEA hormone train, heading to the end of the track, it can either come to a smooth stop or derail as it reaches the end of track.

Do you now understand what is happening?

Of course, I am not talking about all marriages or relationships, as there are extremely close ones, and that is the story I am trying to tell you about...

You know, I didn't even understand what I was getting into, all I knew, the sex was fantastic!!!

I didn't even know I had become sexually addictive to the girls, and I am still addicted to them, and I love the natural euphoric high it gives me when we make love. I didn't even know about sex addiction for the first eight years we were together.

Anyhow, you have to get past all the explicit sex I will tell you about, maybe you will even get a little jealous, but you should understand by now what I am still going through or should say, enjoying! LOL.

You should be so lucky, to have what I have! Maybe you can live the life I am living; only you can decide. All I can tell you, it might be a little dangerous, but it's a helluva lot of fun!

Anyhow, if you have read some of the Web sites, you should now understand why you should never marry until you have known each other for a minimum of four years, and spend another few years finding out how compatible you are together. The Phenylethylamine (PEA) love hormone should have worn off by then, and now you are basing your relationship on truly who you and your partner are, with all the warts showing.

Scientists have discovered the Phenylethylamine (PEA) love hormone, which hides or blurs all the faults of the person you're in love with. It takes from 1½ to 4 years for the love hormone to wear off. Then look out, all the faults of you partner will magically begin to appear, and I hope you have made an exceptional choice. I also hope this has enlightened you, and you take heed.

"Please, ponder all of what you have read, as you read on."

I want to say one more thing about how hard it was to write the exact words that had transpired between us, and others. However, they are as close as possible to what was said, for you to actually-feel, and understand what I am trying to convey to you, from my story.

(Now I will continue with the story.)

Story Continues.

I was again thinking,  if I lost one of the girls what would happen to me. Alternatively, if something happened to me, what would happen to them? Would I die? Would they die?

If I do connect, and bond with someone tonight, I will have to face Cherrie in the morning. I am not sure which is worst, facing Cherrie, or placing our lives in danger. I am not a saint, I am just a man, and I love having sex, but I would not be in this position if it were not for a promise I made to Linda eight years ago.

Therefore, I drove over to the corner bar and parked by the side of the bar's front entrance... I went inside and sat down at the table with my friends, and we ordered our drinks. We were sitting there talking when some of the girls we knew stopped by our table, and ask us to dance with them.

I said, "No thank you, I just wanted to sit here and have a drink with my friends." One of the girls named Kirsteen, is pulling on my arm and saying, "Come on Michael, You're dancing with me!"

I had known her for a few years from when she had taken my course at the university. Kirsteen had finished my course, but she continued to come to my classroom or office to talk to me. I had enjoyed our conversations, and I always felt there was something different about her.

Kirsteen was persistent that I dance with her, so I finally said, "Okay, just one dance," and then Kirsteen is pulling me to the dance floor. Kirsteen said, "I have loaded the jukebox with slow  songs, and you are dancing with me until all the songs have played." Then she giggled and smiled at me with this Cheshire cat smile.

We got to the dance floor just as one of her songs she had selected from the jukebox finished playing. As we were waiting for the next song to start, Kirsteen said, "I am glad you are here, I know you come here often after work."

I said, "My friends asked me out for a drink or else I would not have been here tonight." The new song started, and we started slow dancing; Kirsteen was holding me close to her, and she felt wonderful in my arms as we danced. The music ended, and we were standing there waiting for the next song to start. I just stood there looking at her, she sure is pretty.

The next song started; I pulled her close to me, and I could feel her firm breasts against my chest. I was holding her tight to my body when I feel her hand slide into my front pants pocket, and start fumbling around with my loose change. Her hand was bumping into my penis as she flipped the change in my pocket. She kept this up, and my penis started to swell, and get a little firm. At first, I didn't think anything about it. However, when she removed her hand from my pocket, she pressed her hand hard against my penis and slowly removed her hand. You didn't have to hit me in the head with a brick to figure out something was up.

Then Kirsteen looked up at me and had this seductive look on her face, and then she looked into my eyes as she giggled seductively. I am holding her in my arms, and I could smell a hint of her perfume she is wearing, it is intoxicating. I had been turned-on; all my senses are being stimulated at once, "Sight, touch, smell, and this seductive giggle of hers." She just removed her hand from my pocket when the music stopped. We just stood there looking at each other. We said nothing, but I could feel this sexual tension between us.

Kirsteen is a cute thing, about 5' 7'', slender with perfectly shaped breasts that are popping out of her low cut dress. Her eyes are emerald green, and her hair is long and black, that glisten under the dance floor lights. Her legs are long and slender that fit her well proportion body. Dam, I was getting a boner just looking at her!

Another slow dance started, again I pulled Kirsteen tight into me, and she again slipped her hand into my front pocket. I had swollen into a full erection from all the erotic stimulation that she had perpetrated onto us.

Kirsteen could feel my erection as she interred my front pocket for the second time; I was not wearing any underwear, as my penis is unusually large, and I love the feeling of letting him hang loose, and not be confined wearing underwear. Therefore, she could feel just about every-feature of my penis as my suit pockets are made of extremely thin material.

Kirsteen knew she had me, and I was up for the game, as my penis was now hard as piece of steel, and I was not trying to stop her from touching me. So, she started rubbing my penis and teasing me in such a way that I wanted her to rip a hole in my pocket, so I could feel her warm, soft hand around my now throbbing member.

Kirsteen had this devilish look on her face as she is stroking my enormous penis. She is using my pocket as a glove to put her hand around him, and is now moving up and down my hard penis and giving him little squeezes. Kirsteen is causing such erotic urge inside of me, and I am not sure what I am going to do about it. ...yet!

But! I had to do something about my massive bulge in front of my pants before the music stopped, and it became apparent to my friends that she had me turned-on from dancing with her. I have a long thick penis, which is now sticking straight out, and this is embarrassing. My erection is causing a massive bulge in front of my pants. I said. "Kirsteen, I need you to stay close to hide this bulge."

She smiled and said, "I don't know if I would be able to."

I interrupted her, and said, "I suppose you were going to say my bulge in my pants is too large to hide."

She laughed and said, "Well, yes."

I said, "Give me a break, you caused this problem."

She interrupted me, as she is laughing and said, "all right, all right, I will stay close to you, and hide that giant bulge of yours."

She then gave my penis a hard squeeze and held him firm while I responded with a series of uncontrolled expansions of my hard dick into her hand.

Kirsteen has fire in her eyes. She looked into my eyes, as she studied them to see how I was responding to her sexual advances. I know she could see the excitement in mine.

I couldn't believe how excited I am from having kirsteen playing with me in a public place without anyone knowing it. I had fun with Kirsteen, and she is also enjoying rubbing and squeezing my gigantic cock in a public place, but there is this one small problem, I mean, huge problem, it is this prodigious bulge in front of my pants, and it is making me uncomfortable.

Kirsteen could be as sexually aggressive as she wanted to be, she had nothing to worry about, as I am the one with the giant erection that is causing a massive bulge in front of my pants!!!

I said, "Kirsteen, I need to reach down inside of my pants, so I will be able to pull my dick straight up and put him under my belt." I continued, "I want to hide him under my shirt, and I need to do this before the music stops."

Kirsteen said, "I can reach down your pants and grab your dick and pull him up for you."

I said, "Are you crazy! Don't I have enough of a problem, and you want to add to it!"

I continued, "You probably pull him out and start waving him in front of everyone." She started laughing, and she was trying to say, "Okay, okay," as she continued laughing, and removed her hand from my pocket.

Kirsteen said, "I will stay close to you to hide that massive bulge of yours, so you can do something with him." She continued to chuckle.

Then I slid my hand into the front of my pants. I had no underwear on, so it was easy to grab my erect penis and pull him straight up until he is under my belt. I am placing him under my belt when she said, "did you lock him up tight, so he won't get loose." She chuckled. 

I said, "He won't get loose."

She said, "That's a good thing, I wouldn't want him to get loose and injure someone." We both laughed.

We are referring to my penis as a male person, as he would have his opinion and take charge if he so pleased. I try not to turn him down when he liked the girl I am with, or it is with dire consequences when I tell him no, and he liked Kirsteen!!!

My penis is now sticking up underneath my shirt above my belt line. This will allow me to walk back to my table without anyone noticing that I had this enormous hard-on. Instead of my erection causing an enormous bulge in my pants, it is now sticking straight up underneath my shirt, and it feels fantastic to be finally able to have him stretched out. We did this in high school to hide our own hard-on's. In addition, it will allow me, and him to cool down, and recover from all of the sexual stimulation Kirsteen has perpetrated against us.

The music stopped, and I started to walk back to my table when Kirsteen grabbed my arm, and said, "I told you, you're dancing with me until all the songs I selected on the jukebox finished playing." She continued, "Let's do another slow dance."

Well I am having fun with her, and my friend likes her too, and he told me to go ahead and dance with her, he wanted to see what she had in store for him while she is dancing with me.

So I said, "Okay." We waited for the next song to start. The music started, and she moved close into me.

I said, "You have me so excited, and my penis is hard as steel under my shirt."

She slowly, just said, "Yeeeeees." She placed her arms around my waist and her head against my chest. I had my arms around her shoulders holding her against me. We were slow dancing,  moving with unusually small steps, kind of a rocking motion. Kirsteen removed her left hand from my waist, and with one continuous motion, slid her hand between us, into the inside of my shirt. She was searching for something, and the back of her hand was rubbing my stomach as she searched.

She found what she was searching for; it was my giant penis sticking out from under my belt.

Kirsteen now had a hold of my humongous penis, which I had strapped up hard against my stomach, and I was unable to move him. Therefore, my monster penis was at her complete control, and mercy. .. Kirsteen took her index finger and started to trace the top of his mushroom head ever so gently. She turned her head to look into my eyes. She could see the fire, which she had lit inside of me.

Kirsteen pulled me closer to her, and started teasing me even more. She was now using the end of her index finger, and gently massaging just under my penises mushroom head. This is where the man's nerves are the most sensitive. I was burning up  with desire to have her!!!

Kirsteen was also on fire, she had been turned-on from teasing me, and now she was more aggressive with teasing me than before. She continued massaging where the V of the skin comes together, and then traced my mushroom-head as it swelled to the point of exploding. All of a sudden, she squeezed my massive swollen head of my penis forcing all the blood out of him.

She continued holding his head as it slowly shrank. She continued to hold his head as my Kegel muscles started contracting, from the sensation of the blood being squeezed out from the head of my penis. She could feel the blood surging back into his head with each contraction from my Kegel muscles, and my dry contractions felt as if I were ejaculating.

Kirsteen was now giggling, and said, "I can feel the blood surging back into his head, making him larger and larger with each contraction. ..."

I said, "I love this feeling of his head expanding into your hand," so she did it again and a few more times, and then she started massaging the top part of my enormous penis. I now have pre-ejaculation fluid coming out of his eye.

She whispered in my ear, "Michael, I can feel fluid coming out of your penis eye, and it has made your penis head extremely slippery. All, Michael!! Your penis feels so good being slippery!" She was now using the pre-cum juice as a lubricant, and she went under my mushroom head again. This was causing this incessant throbbing and excruciating pleasure! Her massages are fueling this urge deep inside of me to ejaculate. I am going to cum right here on the dance floor; I didn't care if everyone could see me ejaculate, and, it's going to be a massive amount that shot out of me! This is how hot Kirsteen had made me, and I am not an exhibitionist, my penis is swelling to a point where I am ready to explode! Just as I am getting to the point of no return, and shoot out everything I have inside of me, she stopped!!!!!!!

My gigantic penis is now throbbing as if I am climaxing, but I am not ejaculating. The burning fire deep inside of me, has turned into an inferno, and I needed Kirsteen to extinguish this inferno she has caused.

I am now looking at her, and I said, "You are going to finish what you started, but not here!"

Kirsteen said, "I have to go home with my girlfriends." She had her eyes fixed upon mine, then she slowly looked away, as if she knew something.

I said, "You are coming with me, and I will take you home, so, you better tell your girlfriends, you're going with me."

Kirsteen looked up at me; I still had my arms around her shoulders. I moved my hand to her chin; I softly moved her chin, so I could kiss her. Kirsteen looked into my eyes as I came closer and closer until are lips met. She responded with this unbelievable intense, sensual kiss.

I don't know where this came from, but there was something more to it! I could feel something happening from deep inside of me. Then I thought, is she the one, or had  I just been excited from the anticipation of what I hope was going to happen from this intense, sensual kiss.

Kirsteen said, "Okay! Let's get out of here!" Then Kirsteen grabbed my hand, and pulled me back to my table to get my coat, and let my friends know I am leaving.

I said, "We have to tell your friends that you're coming with me." Kirsteen said, "don't worry they already know." Then she pulled me out the front door.

With being so excited from the anticipation of finishing what she had started, I couldn't remember where I parked my truck. I stopped for a few seconds, so I could remember.

Kirsteen asked, "What's wrong?"

I said, "I can't remember where I parked."

Kirsteen started laughing, and said, "Calm down, we have all night." That hurt. I didn't want her to know how excited I was, and I was going to be Mr. Cool. However, she is the one being Cool. I finally calmed down enough to remember where I parked.

Then I said, "I remember! I parked on the side of the building," we quickly walked over to my truck, and I opened her door.

My truck is a four-wheel drive, so I have automatic steps that come down when you open any door. The step allowed kirsteen to step right in to the truck, without jumping up to climb in, so she just stepped up into the truck, and sat back into the leather seat.

Kirsteen said, "That step is really cool."

I said, "I like the steps too," and I closed her door and got in on my side of the truck. I started the truck, and the diesel engine came to life and rumbled with its massive power.

We drove out of the parking lot on to the street as we were talking.  Kirsteen then said, "Find something close!" I started looking for a hotel as we drove down the street.

I said, "Do you have protection?"

Kirsteen said, "No, I don't carry a gun", and laughed.

I said, "No-no, I mean." She interrupted me giggling, and said, "I know what you mean, and yes I use birth control."

I said, "Good, because I am a little different."

Kirsteen said, "Are you deformed or something like that?"

I laughed, and said, "No nothing like that, although the doctor did tell me, I was a lot larger than a boy my age would be."

Kirsteen said, "You said a boy your age, but you are a man, and what do you mean the doctor told you, you were a lot larger than a boy your age?"

I said, "Yes, my parents had taken me to see the doctor when I was 8 years old."

Kirsteen said, "What was wrong with you that the doctor was talking about how large you are, and what was so critical that you parents had to take you to the doctor, and you were only 8 years old?"

I said, "I just turned 8, and my world was changing, I started developing very fast, and I was so young, and developing at such a young age caused a lot of problems for me. Kirsteen, you can't believe what I went through."

Kirsteen said, "So, tell me what caused your parents to take you to see the doctor, I know children have developed at a very young age before, so what about this part that he told you, you were larger than a boy your age, and what problems could a 8 year old have."

I said, "Well, it started with my night ejaculations..." I hesitated, and then I continued, "Kirsteen, I don't want to bore you with the details of my adolescent sex life, and it's embarrassing, and kind of complicated."

Kirsteen said, "So what's so complicated about your adolescent sex life, and I want to hear about your doctor visit and Michael, I do love talking about sex, so don't be embarrassed."

I said, "It's sexual all right, but it's awkward, especially about my mother."

Kirsteen said, "What does your mother have to do with your adolescent sex life."

I said, "Everything, her actions started my adventure into my sex life."

Kirsteen said, "Did your mother sexually abuse you!"

I said, "No, nothing like that." She made me laugh.

Kirsteen said, "You have to tell me what happened, and I won't take no for an answer!"

I said, "Okay, but, it's like an Alice in Wonderland story."

She said, "I love Alice in Wonderland, so go ahead with your story."

I said, "Okay, her it goes. It starts out with my mother being upset with me, I had been ejaculating at night in my sleep, and my mother had to wash my bedding every day. She told me to clean up my own mess, and stop playing with myself, and letting it squirt everywhere. I was upset, and embarrassed, remember I just turned 8, and I truly didn't know what was happening to me."

Kirsteen said, "I heard about young boys having night ejaculations before, and I thought they were normal."

I said, "Yes, they are normal, but I would ejaculate over and over in my sleep, and each time it would be a massive amount, and it would be everywhere in the morning when I awoke.

I didn't know I could ejaculate repeatedly  until later after I went to see a doctor.

I remember the first time I was awake when I ejaculated; I was taking a bath, and I started washing my penis. Occasionally I would get a hard-on, but nothing would happen, and in time, it would return to its normal flaccid state, you know, soft. But, this time when washing my penis, it got real hard. I took a hold of my penis with my left hand, and with a bar of soap in my right, I pressed the bar of soap  up against my penis, and started to rub the soap on to him as usual, but this time the inside of my lower part of my body contracted. This scared me, as I had no control of my lower part of my body, the part where I peed from.  I could feel my body getting tighter. I had to stop washing my penis, and dropped the bar of soap, to put my hands behind me to support my pelvic bone rising out of the water, which pushed me back up the tub as my legs went straight out. I was now rigid, with my pelvic bone sticking out of the water, pushing my penis straight up into the air."

I continued, "Time had stopped, and I don't know how long I was locked in this position, I could feel pressure building deep inside of me, and the pressure continued to build to a point that it caused  pain deep inside of me. I thought my body was going to break in half when all of a sudden I thought I had a massive sneeze blowing snot out of my penis. It was, so violent of a contraction it caused my penis to lunge straight up, and at the same time shooting this monumental blob of white stuff way into the air, and then landing in the water. My body started contracting again as if I was getting ready to have another massive sneeze, then I feel something squirting out of my penis, and it felt fantastic! I had more contractions, and this white, gooey stuff continued squirting out of me, it was going everywhere.

I was now enjoying this feeling of this white, gooey stuff shooting out of my penis. The water in the tub was getting white from all of this gooey, white stuff coming out of me, but I didn't care. I was enjoying this feeling, and I didn't want it to stop, but my contractions slowed down, and there was less and less of this white, gooey stuff shooting out of my penis. Then slowly my body stopped contracting, and my penis stopped squirting.

I still didn't understand what had happened to me. I was sitting there in the water looking at all this white stuff sticking to me, and in the water. I stood up and opened the drain as I turned on the shower. I was showering off all this white sticky stuff when I had this tremendous urge to pee, so I aimed for the drain, and I released the valve that held my urine back. There was this enormous stream coming out of the end of my penis. It was washing something out of me, and it felt fantastic, and it excited me."

Kirsteen asked, "So, when did you start masturbating."

I said, "Not until after I visited the doctor, I just had this one experience at this point, and I was just learning about my body."

Kirsteen said, "Go on and tell me what happened to you after you ejaculated in the bathtub."

I said, "All right. I was still a little hard from all this white, gooey stuff squirting out of my penis. I started to squeeze the excess water from my penis. Every boy or man does it the same way to empty their bladder. They will hold the base of their penis's shaft sliding the loose skin up to the end forcing the water out the end. Then they relax the grip around the penis shaft and move back down to the bottom, and again squeeze the bottom and slide all the way to the tip of the penis. This empties the urethra tube of any urine, and from squeezing my muscles to empty any water left in the bladder into the urethra tube to be squeezed out the end of the penis, and of course you have to shake the last dribbles off of the end."

Kirsteen said, "I like your explanation of how a man pees and empties his penis, and especially the part about shaking the last dribbles off the end." She was giggling as she told me this.

I continued, "Kirsteen, I learned, this is the way a man masturbates, except he never releases the pressure on the shaft as he is sliding the loose skin up and down. When the pressure in the ejaculation chamber exceeds the strength of the muscle holding the valve closed, the valve is forced open, shooting the semen into the urethra tube, squirting out the end of the penis from the contraction of the Kegel muscle. If you are masturbating, then the gooey, white semen will be forced out of the penis with more velocity from the urethra tube being squeeze, and the hand sliding all the way up to the top forcing the semen out the end. ..."

Kirsteen said, "So you had been having fun jacking off at night, and you were squirting everywhere, and then your mother got mad at you because of the mess you made for her to clean up."

I said, "No! I was not masturbating. I would wake up and there it was! All this white hard, crusty stuff dried on the bed covers, and on the sheets, it was everywhere!!!

I continued, "Mom, I don't know what's happening!"

My mother replied, "Stop playing with yourself all night, and all this white crusty stuff will not be all over your bed in the morning..."

I said, "Mom, I don't understand!" I guess I started crying.

She said, "What are you crying about."

I said, "I am not doing anything!!! I just wake up, and I see all this white dried, crusty stuff everywhere, and I have to pee."

She said, "Okay, okay I will talk to your father, and make an appointment for the doctor to see you."

I said, "I had to go to the doctor's office for a blood test before I even saw the doctor. Then I visited the doctor, he examined me, then the doctor talk to my parents, and then again with me in private.

The doctor explained what was happening to me. He asked me had I ever felt something coming out of my penis besides urine. I said yes, then I told the doctor about the time I was in the bathtub, and this white gooey stuff shot out of my penis, he told me I had ejaculated, and not to be scared, this was a natural process, then he explained about the ejaculation process. The doctor also said, I had a truly remarkable gift, and when I get older, I will be extremely happy with this gift of having a larger penis than most men.

The doctor then explained that I had just started unusually early to ejaculate, and grow, and I would continue to grow, and produce more white, gooey fluid, as I got older. He also said boys are going to be jealous of you when the word gets out from the girls talking about how large you are. He also told me that he knows I don't like girls right now, but in a few more months, I will, and it will be the only thing I will be thinking about."

Kirsteen said, "He didn't actually tell you that!"

I said, "Yes he did, and he was right!!!" He also said my penis will continue to grow, but don't worry it will stop growing in a few years after puberty which I was in, and I will enjoy making this excessive white, gooey fluid to squirt, which he knew was now causing me problems."

Kirsteen said, "I know your penis is large, but I can't tell how actually large your penis is through you pants, and your belt had your penis strapped up, so I could only feel the top part, of your fantastic mushroom head."

I said, "Kirsteen, I never thought I would grow this large! Do you know the joke about the elephant and the man?" Kirsteen said, "No."

I said, "Okay, I will tell you. The elephant was down by the river, when the man decided to go swimming, so he removed his clothes to get into the water. The elephant upon seeing the naked man said, how do you breathe through that thing? Well, when the elephant saw me he said, "If you get any larger you are going to have to roll him up, so he will not drag on the ground."

Kirsteen was laughing, and said, "Come on Michael, I could feel just about your entire penis, and yes he is really large, but I won't go as far and say you are abnormally large."

I said, "Okay, if you say so," and I continued my story, "He also explained about the large amount of seminal fluid, but he called it this gooey white fluid, that comes out of me when I ejaculate. He said, I should do what he explained was masturbating, and how to do it, and  I should consider doing it at least twice a day. He knew I was ejaculating in my sleep, and I would recover fast, and ejaculate again, but I would have to figure out how many times I would need to masturbate to stop my night ejaculations.

He said,  if I wake up in the morning with white, gooey fluid dried on the bed, I would have to increase the number of times I masturbated.

He told me there is nothing wrong with my organs, like my prostate, and testicles; he continued explaining, about the organs, and glands that make the white, gooey fluid, and then he gave it a name of semen that comes out of my penis. He also told me my organs were over-active, and I will make an extreme amount of semen."

I asked, "So it's okay, to release this white, gooey fluid by masturbating?" He said, "Yes, just have fun, and don't worry, just enjoy it, and you won't go blind or grow hair on your hands from masturbating, as you might hear from your friends."

I said, "I never told my parents about the conversation that I had with the doctor."

Kirsteen said, "You never told your parents about having to masturbate?"

I said, "No, it was embarrassing, I just did what the doctor told me to do. What he said to do was a lot of fun, and I couldn't hardly wait until I could feel excruciating pleasure of the semen shooting out of me with each contraction, during my orgasm . It was fantastic!!! I had to use the bathroom every day, and I had to masturbate a couple of times a night, or I would ejaculate in my sleep. A would awaken in the morning, covered in my dried semen along with everything within six feet....

I had increased the number of times I masturbated, until there was no dried semen on me or the bed in the morning. As I got older, the amount of semen I made was increasing; again, I increase the number of times I masturbated at night, so I could release the excessive amount of semen. Now there was no problem, I had a towel that I would ejaculate into, and then use it to clean myself up with.

Kirsteen said, "How much semen were you making!?"

I said, "I am not sure how much I was making back then, but I know it was a lot!"

Kirsteen said, "So everything was okay now."

I said, "Not exactly, as I was now waking up with this massive erection, and I would have to masturbate to relieve the pressure, so he would go soft, and as long as I did not get too excited looking at some girl, he wouldn't get hard again. It seemed as if he had a mind of his own, and he looked through my eyes, and if he liked the girl I was looking at, he would get hard.

Kirsteen said, "Did you actually get a hard-on looking at girls?"

I said, "Yes, it was difficult to keep my hormones in check when I was a teenager, I would be talking to a girl and my penis would swell until he is pushing hard against my pants as I was talking to her, it was embarrassing as my pants would bulge out, as I supported this massive woody in front of her."

I continued, "You know the saying, "Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me."

Kirsteen asked, "Are you happy to see me."

I said, "Kirsteen, you know I am happy to see you, and you know it's not a banana in my pocket."

Kirsteen was laughing, and said, "I would have loved to have seen you back then."

I said, "If I don't keep him under control, it will still happen, and it is embarrassing."

Kirsteen said, "I think it's sweet, I would have loved to watch you grow, and your pants start bulging out, and you were just standing there talking to me." She continued laughing.

I said, "What do you think just happen on the dance floor, you had me on-fire, I almost ejaculated into your hand."

Kirsteen said, "I love to feel and see a man ejaculate that thick, gooey white stuff."

I said, "Kirsteen, this is what I was trying to tell you, when I get excited, I will get hard as steel, and then I will ejaculate a massive amount of that white, gooey Cum-Juice that contains a massive amount of sperm!"

Kirsteen said, "So, that sounds like fun. I want to watch that white Cum-Juice shoot out of your penis."

I said, "Kirsteen, if you are not sure about taking your birth control pill, or you somehow compromised the effectiveness of your pill,  I will make you pregnant, and I don't want to have any children, so we have to be extremely careful about using birth control, or if you miss taking your birth control pill." I continued, "You know I am extremely long from the dance floor."

She said, "I know you are exceptionally large."

I said, "Yes, but that is only half of it, as I have explained, I have an excessive amount of semen or Cum-Juice that will come out of me."

Kirsteen said, "I told you, I like when a man makes a lot of that white, gooey Cum-Juice, and I especially like the feeling of it running out of me after we had sex."

I said, "Kirsteen, I mean I can fill up to at least the three ounce mark in a measuring cup, and it contains an enormous amount of sperm, and if I am extremely excited I will do double that amount or even more. Can you imagine this amount of semen squirting into you? "

Kirsteen said, "You ejaculate three ounces, and you say you can do double that, that's all most a glass full!"

I said, "Yes, an average young man will ejaculate up to 30 plus milliliters, just over an ounce which is a table spoon full. I remember there was this group, and they called themselves, "Lovin' Spoon Full." They Supposedly named the group after what a man will  ejaculate.. But no one said a table or teaspoon full.  Now you are probably wondering how I know that I can make 3 times that amount and a lot more!"

Kirsteen said, "Yes, and I got to hear this one, and make it a good story." She started laughing.

I said, "It's true, but I won't go into details, let's just say it started with a bet, and I won, and just leave it at that."

Kirsteen said, "All no, you are not going to get out of this one, you started it, and now you have my curiosity, so you are going to have to tell me how you know you can fill a measuring cup to the 3 ounce mark." She was still laughing.

I said, "Kirsteen, it's embarrassing and I rather not tell you."

Kirsteen said, "Now you know you truly have my curiosity up, especially when you tell me you were embarrassed, now you really have to tell me!"

I said, "No, I can't tell you, I told you it's embarrassing."

Kirsteen said, "It can't be that bad, and I love a good, juicy story." She was laughing again.

I said, "Yes it is, I was drunk!"

Kirsteen said, "Oh! This will make it even better story, your inhibitions were down, so you have to tell me!"

I said, "All right! It had to do with a girl I met."

Kirsteen said, "Yes, go on Michael." In this voice, when you mother is making you confess what you did when you had been naughty.

I said, "I don't think it's a good idea to tell you, so let's just leave it at that."

Kirsteen said, "So it was with a girl." She continued, "I know you're not a monk, and you had sex before, and I do hope it was with a girl, and you're not one of those guys that swing both ways, so tell me what happened, I really want to hear."

She continued, "Michael, you have already told me intimate details about yourself, and we had talked for years, but this is the first time you have opened up to me."

I said, "Yes, I know, I am not sure why I have told you such personal details about myself, but it seems important to me that you know everything about me for some reason, and I have a lot more to tell you, but I need to find out a little more about you too."

Kirsteen said, "I will tell you more about myself, but you have to tell me this story first."

I said, "Okay, I don't know why I am telling you this, but here it goes. I was at a bar sitting at the counter when this beautiful blond, sits down beside me. I had been drinking for a couple of hours, and I was feeling no pain, I was at a comfortable level with my inhibitions down."

I stopped talking, thinking back about what had happened.

Kirsteen said, "Michael why did you stop? Go on, so, a beautiful blond sits down beside you."

I continued, "She was wearing a low cut mini dress, and her breast were popping out, so I just started chit chatting with her. Our conversation got a little erotic, actually really sexual."

Kirsteen said, "Michael, how did you get to filling up the measuring cup to the three ounce mark."

I said, "Kirsteen, I am trying to tell you..."

I continued, "She was talking about how men are always bragging about how large they are. I told her, I was large, and I am not bragging, and I also squirt a lot of Cum-Juice when I ejaculate. I don't know why I said it, but it just came out, as the conversation had become very erotic."

Kirsteen said, "Yes, I have heard men bragging about how large they are, usually it would be with a group of girls, and the conversation would change to a sexual content, and the man in passing would brag about how large he is. He is trying to get some girl to take him up on it to see if he is really as large as he said, but never have I heard a man say how much semen he squirts."

I said, "Kirsteen, she was interested about the amount of semen, or Cum-Juice I shoot out of me, and not how large I am."

She asked me, "So how much Cum-Juice do you squirt?"

I said, "a lot!"

She said, "How much is a lot."

I said, "I think I can make three ounces." I was just guessing, but I know I make a tremendous, amount.

She said, "No way!"

I said, "Yes, way!"

She said, without thinking, "If you can prove it to me that you make that much Cum-Juice I will make love to you." She was laughing, like there was no way I could make that amount...

I said, "Kirsteen, I had to defend my honor, and prove it."

I had just turned twenty-one, I was feeling my oats, and you know how horny 21-year-old males are. Believe me when I tell you, I was hornier than a three pecker Billy Goat."

Kirsteen said, "Michael, of course you just had to defend your honor, and sex had nothing to do with it. So how much wild seed did you sow, and what happen with this beautiful blond...?" She gave me this look, like really, and then smiled.

I said, "My name is Michael Flannegan, and I can fill a measuring cup to the three ounce mark."

Kirsteen said, "You actually didn't say that!"

I said, "I told you, I was feeling no pain, but the strange thing is, she responded!"

She said, "My name Is Kelly O'Hara, and exactly how are you going to prove this to me?" She was laughing.

I said, "We could go to my place, I have a measuring cup, and I can fill it to the three ounce mark to show you."

She said, "You are a little too drunk to drive, and I want to watch to make sure this is not a trick."

She continued, "Michael, I live down the street, and I just happened to have a measuring cup." She was now laughing again.

Kirsteen said, "That is really some line to pick up a girl, and then have her take you home with her."

I said, "I was drunk, but if she is going to take me home with her, then I am surely not going to turn her down."

Kirsteen, said, "Go on, this is entertaining, I want to know what happened with all the juicy details, no pun intended, and don't leave anything out," she was laughing.

I said, "All right, I am going to tell you everything, with all the juicy details!"

I continued my story, "Okay Kelly, let's get out of here."

So I paid the bill, and she took me to her place. She opened the front door, and we went inside. We walked in the front door and ended up standing in her living room.

She said, "Sit down on the couch, and make yourself comfortable, I will go get the measuring cup."

I walked over to her couch and sat down, and made myself comfortable. She quickly returned from the kitchen carrying the measuring cup.

She said, "Here's the measuring cup Michael." She handed it to me.

I said, "Thank you," and she sat down on the other end of the couch.

She said, "Okay, now, you can prove it to me."

I said, "Kelly, I need just a little help."

She said, "I thought so, you can't do it! This was just a ploy to get me to have sex with you!"

I said, "No! I can do it, but I just need a little help with some visual stimulation to make it happen."

She said, "What do you mean you need a little help with visual stimulation?"

I said, "Just let the straps fall of your shoulders, and mother nature will do the rest."

She said, "You want to see my breasts naked, and what are you going to do?"

I said, "Kelly, I know this sounds strange, but I feel as if we were kids again, playing, you show me yours, and I show you mine. I remember when I was ten years old, and I had a crush on the girl that lived next door to me. I am not sure how it all came about, but we were alone in the house, and we had been curious about our bodies. We had been talking about the difference of what boys and girls look like."

So I asked her, "Can I see what you look like," and she said, "I want to see what you look like," and then she pulled her pants down to show me hers, and I pulled my pants down to show her mine. It was innocent, we just wanted to see the differences in our bodies, and we just looked at each other, then we pulled our pants back up."

Kelly said, "Okay, I'm game, but you start." She was laughing; I think she was having fun like when we were kids.

So, I started unzipping my pants, then Kelly let her straps fall off her shoulders, and her beautiful naked breasts appeared. I was pulling my flaccid penis out of my pants, it would be normally hard as steel by now. I guess I had consumed a little too much alcohol.

When I saw her beautiful naked breasts, I said, "Kelly, Your breasts are gorgeous!"

She said, "Michael, what happened to your penis, he is all shriveled up, and he is so small!" 

I said, "Give me a few minutes, and when he wakes up, you will see how large he really is!"

I continued, "Kelly, when I fill this measuring cup to the three ounce mark, you are going to remove the rest of your clothes, and you will give me a few minutes to recover, and then we are going to make wild, passionate love!"

She said, "Michael, there is no way you can fill that cup up to the three ounce mark, and have sex with me, even in 10 minutes. So, even if you manage to pump three ounces into the measuring cup, which I doubt, you will be so expended, and your penis will be limp like a wet noodle, and the only thing you will be able to do is look at my naked body, wishing you can have sex with me." She was chuckling as she was telling me this.

Kirsteen interrupted me, and said, "Did she actually say that to you."

I said, "yes, but she didn't know about my secret."

Kirsteen said, "What secret?"

I said, "That my body makes excessive hormones that allow me to recover fast after ejaculating, and have sex again, the doctor was right! I love this ability to make excessive cum juice, and having a larger than normal penis."

Kirsteen said, "You set her up to have sex with you, didn't you!"

I said "No, but I was not going to pass up this opportunity to have sex with her."

Kirsteen said, "You're terrible! Go on tell me what happened." She was now giggling as she was saying this, and I could tell she was actually enjoying my story.

So I continued, "I will pump three ounces or more into the measuring cup, and in less than 10 minutes, I will walk over to you, and you will be ready for me to make wild, passionate love to you, and I think you will be turned on by then, and you will want me!"

She said, "Your penis is really small, so how am I going to get excited enough to want to make love to you!"

I said, "Just watch." I continued, "You will do what I said if this happens?"

She said, "If you actually get that large, and you squirt that much Cum-Juice, I will be so hot, I will take off the rest of my clothes, and I will be waiting for you." She was laughing as she was telling me this.

I said, "Get ready! I have a big surprise for you!"

I removed my pants, and the rest of my clothes, then I took my penis in my left hand while I looked at her thinking about my prize I will receive as soon as I have pumped three ounces out of me into her measuring cup.

My penis came to life as I looked at her beautiful naked breasts and thinking what it was going to be like going inside of her hot, slippery vagina, and pumping it full of my gooey hot cream!

His foreskin rolled back as his mushroom head appeared from under the protective hood exposing all his delicate nerve endings, and you could see I was sexually aroused as his mushroom head was secreting clear, slippery fluid containing pheromones, and pre-ejaculation fluid coming out of his eye, clearing the way for my spermatozoa to be expelled from my penis.

I held my shaft at the bottom and pulled the skin up my shaft until it went over the mushroom head, then my hand slid back down to where I started. My penis started to swell, so I repeated this jacking off procedure of moving my hand up and down his now firm shaft.

Kelly's eyes were getting wider as my penis grew. I continued jacking off, and my penis continued getting harder and swelling. He is always small when he is flaccid. Her mouth opened to say something as my penis swelled to its maximum size, but nothing came out of her mouth, she just stared at my enormous penis.

I was now thoroughly into masturbating myself, I was moving my hand faster, and faster, my penis is now hard as a piece of steel. I looked into her eyes; I was trying to see if she is excited from watching me masturbate myself, and she was, and I am getting even more excited watching her.

I knew all I had to do was get to the point of ejaculating. I will try to hold back until I know I am excited enough to squirt the correct amount of my Cum-Juice into her measuring cup. I will just hold and aim him into the cup, as he is on autopilot, once he starts ejaculating. I will continue to squirt just over three ounces, and maybe more depending how much I am turned-on. But, I will need to recover fast, so I will be able to ejaculate again, but this time inside of Kelly, so I will try not to fully empty myself.

Kirsteen asked, "How can you judge how much you will squirt out from masturbating?"

I said, "It's not an exact science, I know when I start ejaculating, and I stop stimulating myself, I will not have a complete orgasm, so I won't completely-empty the semen out of me.

I usually only squirt out half of the amount, just like the first time I ejaculated in the bathtub. He will keep squirting without any more stimulation, but if I continue to stimulate him beyond when I first start ejaculating, I will empty myself. I also had to stop before, and, this is what happens. I only get partially satisfied if I don't keep ejaculating until I have emptied myself."

I continued my story, "Kelly, are you watching my penis swell." I was now going as fast as I can, up and down my massive shaft.

She said, "Oh yes!" She was turned-on from watching my gigantic penis get larger than when I started masturbating, and she seemed to be enjoying watching me pleasure myself; I doubt if  she had ever watched a man pleasure himself. I could see she was now anticipating my orgasm as my penis was swollen beyond belief.

She said, "I am watching you masturbate, and you're so huge! I can see the veins on your penis bulging out, and your penis mushroom head is swollen beyond anything I have ever seen, and it's so shiny, and it's glistening."

Just then, the Cum-Juice shoots out the end of my penis into the cup. It hit the cup with such force the cup resonated as the Cum-Juice splashed into the bottom. It kept splashing as my body contracted, and I continued squirting my hot, white Juice into the cup.

She said, "I can't believe how much you're squirting," and then she leaned forward towards me to get a better look, then she scooted over to me and watched my enormous penis recoil, as the Cum-Juice shoots out the end of my penis into the measuring cup. I had filled the measuring cup to almost the three-ounce mark when she jumps off the couch and removes the rest of her clothes. She is standing in front of me naked watching the last small squirts as the cup fills to the three-ounce mark. I finally stopped ejaculating, and then I stop contracting.

Kelly said, "I will wait whatever time it takes for you to recover, but we are most certainly going to make wild, passionate love as soon as you do recover, and I am going to make you cum like you never have cum before!" She was giggling, and laughing as she was saying this.

Kirsteen asked, "Is this one of the girls that comes around your office that I see."

I said, "No, but how did you see the girls that come to my office."

Kirsteen said, "I have been coming around to your office and talking to you for years, and I would see the same girls come, and go from your office, I thought something was going on."

I said," They are extremely close friends, and they like having sex with me, and they also take care of me."

I said, "Kirsteen, I didn't want to tell you about my sex life, but I am not going to lie to you. I need to have a lot of sex, and I have only met a few girls that I really like, and they really like me, but no one can accept my giant penis all the way inside of them, and then actually enjoy a man as large as I am, except these three girls."

Kirsteen said, "I know you have a couple of girls that you regularly have sex with."

I said, "Kirsteen are you stalking me."

Kirsteen laughed and said, "No, I just could tell, and I see the same girls coming and going, when I stop by your classroom, or office."

I said, "Kirsteen, that's, Linda Freedman, Cherrie Fisher, and Sandy Malloy. I continued, "Kirsteen I really like you, and you seemed to have a good head on your shoulders, and I feel there is something more to you. I feel as if I can tell you all my secrets, and you will accept me, and you will not judge me. I live different than anyone I know, which I will tell you about later, Okay?"

Kirsteen said, "Okay Michael, you can tell me later." She had this look on her face as if she knew what I was going to tell her.

I continued, "So you see Kirsteen, I will squirt out of you as I am ejaculating, and even have a squishing feeling as the semen rushes pass my penis during my downward strokes, forcing my hot semen to squirt hard out of you."

Then I realized what I had just said, and then I Sheepishly said, "That is if you still want me, after everything I have told you about myself."

Kirsteen said, "Can't you find a hotel yet!" Then she smiled this friendly smile and said, "Don't worry, you're not getting off that easy, and I hope you are up to handling me. I have been studding you for a long time, and I think you are a sweet and caring person. You know Michael, I have never had a man open up to me as you have, and it has made me feel very comfortable, so we should have a lot of fun together, and don't worry about your size, I know we will fit  together perfectly."

Kirsteen looked excited as she said, "There! There is a hotel, pull in!" So I quickly pulled into the hotel parking lot. We checked into the hotel and rented a room for the night. We were walking at an extremely fast pace to our room. Actually, Kirsteen was leading the way. We got to our room, and I open the door, as we started kissing. I couldn't believe how lucky I am.



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