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Bitter haibun about a past relationship.

we were lovers once, the kind that move at a furious rate and burn out like paper towels on fire.
you kissed my forehead, i pretended to like your beard and the colors you chose for the bedroom.
You know I don't pretend well, I guess that's all the more we cared.
Thank god our lies didn't affect our sex life.

I'm at work, you're seeping alcohol from your pores and drenching her face with fake smiles and clumsy gropes.
I'm the Buick, she's the mother fuckin' Cadillac. I know she's not interested, but she's a professional dick tease;
and you seem to be aware and enthralled all in one terrifying attraction. I can't stop watching your trainwreck.

Fuck this chic
Fuck your vodka and red bull
Fuck you, love

I hope your train wrecks through a mall and takes out all the women just like your poor excuse for a barfly whore
With her one jack and coke an hour so she can drive you home to keep up appearances. I gave her too much credit
thinking that red VW bug was hers parked in your driveway. Trust fund babies don't drive things likes that,
and they don't sleep with men like you.

Tonight it's my turn, I will paint my eyes and sip red stag until I black out. I will tell you to shut the fuck up everytime
you cry "i love you" and "I made a big mistake". It's been said, and the truth is we both have. The reality is we all do.
Wanting what you don't have is so much of what makes you a man, being what you don't have is oxygen to me.

Fuck this independance
Fuck my red stag and coke
Fuck you, my love.
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