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by rachie
Rated: E · Other · Emotional · #1733604
a poem about meeting up with an old friend and sharing your/my journey
Same Horses

Some stirring just outside myself,
Caused my head to rise.
My gaze rested curious, then recalling.
…half wondering before knowing.
Recognition gave way to warmth.
I looked into your face and took pleasure in noting each feature I remembered was you.
I saw how time, like the touch of an artist,
Had etched lines ‘round  your eyes…
I wondered were they lines of mirth ?
Or madness?
Or pain ?
Or a mixture of all that makes grace ?
How did you get here ?
What brought you so?
Was your journey like mine?
No common vessel, but rather a wing and a ride ?
…Did the same horses carry you as did me ?…
Did you grow accustomed ?
Learn of trust and the knowledge of others?
…Did you find yourself stretching your neck on his neck ?
Your face like his pushing wind ?
Were you able to enjoy the ride while your hand could feel the pulse of  the carrier ?
…Did the journey ever slow ?
Did time seem to stop ?
Each step become one step to far ?
To far to go back ?
To far to see forward ?
Just step after step into faith ?
…Did you ever walk beside the one who carried you ?
Because the miles had tired him too.
Did you climb ?
Did you pull ?
And pull ?
And pray ?
…were you ever at a place where after a climb, the land leveled out before you ?
After a while the  pace was picked up and loping became a run.
Did your ride and you ever have to run ?
And run
And run
And run ?
The land started changing, there were breaks in the earth;
And soon there were ravines and cliffs.
…In unstoppable run, surrounded by edge,…
Did you know that now you would die ?
…Did you close your eyes ?
Place your soul in Gods hands and expect the sensation of a changed world ?
..Did you open your eyes…surrounded by sky…and note that your carrier had wings ?
…I wonder what kind of lines are etched around your eyes ?
..Did the same horses carry you as did me ?

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