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by Emoboy
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The first piece I ever wrote. Funny enough, it's similiar to my latest pieces.
Would you allow me to breath one last breath of life before I die?
Would you clean my conscience so that I may walk alone without demons beside me?
Could you feed me a piece of redemption so that I may talk without a burdened soul within me?
Could you show me the light, for I am filled with darkness and I accept it.
Let me dream once more, for all my life is a blood riddled nightmare, make me feel awake.
Let me feel emotion like everyone else so that I may feel human for once, then you may take it away again.
Make me care for those who deserve my affection for they are bleeding for my dead heart.
Make me rise from the grave where I have laid for so long now so that I might feel alive in this rotting shell of blood and skin.
This is my plead for peace and I shall be forever grateful to who ever can grant it and I hate all who do not even try.
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