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This is a review which is not about a movie but about the things which the movie can teach
No one killed Jessica is not a movie, but is a true story of a girl. A girl like you, A girl like your lover, your sister, your mother, your daughter! The things I like a lot in it or it teaches is
For everything in life for which we had suffered due to others fault is because only and only we had let them do those acts.
I know every spark does not create fire but every fire is due to some spark and we beforehand assume that our fight towards the system is not going to be a huge fire. This is what the second thing I felt after watching this movie.
Third thing which I felt is that life will rock if you really want to rock it and this thing can be done without a lot of efforts. Just u need is to live your life without any fear. Without fear of being fail Without the fear of being insulted somewhere.
Fourth thing which I got proved again by this movie is that We all feel the same about every wrong thing which happened in our society. The feeling of anger towards it is same and the feeling of cowardness is also.
Making it short I just want to say at the end the title of the movie should not be “NO ONE KILLED JESSICA” But it should be “EVERYBODY KILLED JESSICA” Because it take 9 long years to awake the people, and 9 long years to get justice in INDIA!
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