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Of knowledge, of life, of spiritual enlightenment. PUBLISHED

The Barrenesses
Carol St. Ann

circle of trees join
raising life and limbs to sky
praising all that is
----- - ---------- - -----

Circle, you leafless trees,
shed of autumn's dressage.
Lift limbs; embrace the breeze,
rapt with heaven's message.

Lay bare your naked bark,
and wave to passing cloud;
a shadow, cold and stark,
still standing ever proud.

Beneath the starlit skies
a gentle, rumbling sway
rustles like midnight cries.
Alas, it's how you pray.

The winter-sweet repose
fuels springtime's joyful burst
when green bud forms and grows,
and rains quench newborn thirst.


1st PLACE Traditional Poetry Cntest
Merit Badge in Published
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Dear Carol,
Congratulations on the publication of your poem  [Link To Item #1741702] . 
Thank you also for your generous donation to "The Project." 
Because of you, it is now firmly underway and the first part of it is in the works! 


Author's Note: First Place in the 76th Traditional Poetry Contest.

Published 2013 WDC Anthology

CSA, 2011


"The Barrenesses, by east coast poet, Carol St. Ann, has a lyrical quality that aptly describes the trees in a wintry state,
praising their creator. It is beautifully written and rolls sweetly off the tongue, leaving the
reader with an enchanting flavor to chew on for a while." ~~ Poetry World

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