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Lost love lost opportunity life lifed in a hollow shell of an existence.
A night Alone

at my door it bays
in my chair I stay
alone am I again
by choice
alone to face
this cursed voice
a hunger bites,
as others wait
to share the bone
allow a taste
hungry eyes
to prey upon
as I in my chair
I sit alone
and at my door it bays

How many years
till I succumb
as senses reel
as thoughts are numb
I hear you there
taunting me.
a ghost
to haunt
old memories

Call me not into the night you wicked tyrant
break me when your howls are silent
still at my door it beckons me

Affright alone
I sit among
I must admit the reason
of love revealed
or loyalties lost
was not my finest season

Comfort now
a distant friend,
a trusted confidant
to share a secret
such as this
to lose
the one you want
this crying out
annoying me,
I dare not
answer the call
a catacomb
created here
with two souls
behind a wall

At my door it bays
In my chair I stay.
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