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Mr. Hardin sends Sandra (The Bunny Girl) home to Chicago.
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The Hard Requirement

Sandra had really given a winning performance during the Pageant. No Bunny before had ever finished first.. Usually it was just another hurdle but she had really danced her heart out. After returning to the motel, Manny poured himself a drink and sat down on the couch. Sandra knelt and took off his shoes and socks. Taking a bottle of lotion she applied some to her fingers and began rubbing it in. The sensation was delightful. Then she took her long hair and began wiping the excess.

“Am I pleasing you?” she asked….

“You’re a joy,” Harden replied.

“I love making you happy.”

“Well, today was a highlight…you really nailed it. It's a hurdle that many find insurmountable. “

“Am I the best candidate you’ve ever had?”

“I’ll reserve judgment until you’ve completed all the requirements.”

“Who was the best so far?”

“Her name is Beth…She runs the Agency in Silver Lake.”

“Which trial did she excel at?”

“The next one you’re going to face.”

“When will that be?”

“Later tonight. “

As he spoke there was a knock at the door. Manny went and opened it. Several men, who appeared to be technicians, stood outside with boxes of equipment.

“The bed’s in the next room.“

They came inside and began putting up light sets. Then came the tripods and some expensive looking motion picture cameras.

“Is this part of tonight’s requirement…the one where Beth did so well?”

“It’s essentially the same but it varies from Bunny to Bunny. I can’t relate all the details but I can tell you in general terms how she did…if you think it might help?”

“Any kind of “heads up” will help. I can see topping Beth won’t be easy. What did she do that was so exceptional?”

He chucked as the memory returned to mind….“She turned in a magnificent performance. It was as professionally executed as anything I could have asked and she never blinked. Exactly the sort of talent we’re looking for.”

“Is she more attractive than I am?”

“Not really, but good looks are only a small part of this one. This is a test of how the Initiate deals with the unexpected.”


"Coolness under fire...Her father owed me some money. It was a debt he couldn’t afford to pay, so I told him he could wager the marker against his business and Beth's performance.”

“That she would successfully complete the trial?“

“Yes. I told him that if Beth came through, I’d retire the debt.”

“And what did she have to do?”

“Pass the ‘Slut Test‘.”

“Can you be more specific?”

“I suppose I can... since tonight you'll be presented with essentially the same challenge. Are you familiar, with the relationship that exists between a pimp and a whore?”

“I believe so…”

“Well, just to be on the safe side, let me emphasize a couple of the salient points. A whore does exactly what a pimp tells her. Sometimes she pleases him, but more often she fucks the customers and gives him the money.”

“Oh my God….Please Mr. Harden...Don't make me whore for you."

“Relax, I'd never MAKE you to do anything.”

“Then what am I to do?" she asked tearing up.

“First let me tell you a bit more about Beth. I had a client waiting downstairs; Just like I have one waiting now for you. Her requirement actually had several parts. First she had to do the solicitation, next she had to get him to pay an exorbitant fee and finally she had to turn in a theatrical performance as the whole thing was being filmed.”

“Oh dear God! You turned her into a whore and made it into a porn movie?”

“Sounds exciting doesn’t it? But there's more....one additional surprise, once she got the mark up here."

“And what was that?”

“Her father, seated in the corner.”

“You didn't really?" she said aghast, "Tell me this isn't true?”

“Are you questioning me?”

“No sir, it’s just the awfullest thing I've ever heard .”

“Nobody said this was going to be easy. Anyway, after acknowledging her Dad, fucking like Linda Lovelace, and collecting the fee, Beth handed me the wad of bills. “Good little cunt,” I told her…”now I have a special surprise.” I unzipped and pulled out my cock….She went down and began sucking until I came in her mouth and face. “Ahhhh, “ I sighed, showcasing her cum smeared cheeks. “This daughter of yours is one sweet little cock sucker,” I pulled out, walked over and handed her old man the marker. Then I pressed the fee she’d just collected into his other hand. “Consider this a bonus," I told him... "Now get the fuck out of here!”

“You didn't, “ uttered Sandra in absolute disbelief…“And who will you have waiting up here for me?”

“Now that would take away all the fun….wouldn’t it?“

“I can’t do this Mr. Hardin….I simply can’t….”

Manny sighed, and flipped open his cell phone…“Bodo…? Please come up to room 432 and pick up Sandra. She’s decided to return to Chicago.“

Her shoulders sagged. “I’m so sorry…so very sorry.”

“So am I,” answered the gangster. Turning to the technicians he said, “Pack up your gear, I won’t be needing you tonight.”

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