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I don't know from where to start but it's not all about the cpt but it's about life! ...
( I want to share that recently i came with a huge success by cracking cpt with distinction but this note is not about that.)

I don't know from where to start but it's not all about the cpt but it's about life! Ppl say that success is what u should focus on, but i have always felt that life is not about the success but it's abt the way u got success. Goal exist just at a single point of time, but what we really enjoy in the 90 minutes of football match is the struggle on the field by players to do that goal!

We always love life if something good happens in our life and hate it even more when something bad happens. But we forgot that it was the fall of us who taught us to walk, it was the hurdles on our way who taught us to jump. And if u scare from fall then how will u learn to walk and if u scare from hurdles then how will u learn to jump!

It's not that the happiness hides behind success but the success comes to u when u walk on the way of happiness. And the way of happiness is around u. Just u have to love both parts of the life equally.The part of success and the part of failure. We always forget that not even a leaf will move without the permission of god then how this bloody failure will come into our way. And if then also it comes it means he has something good for us because whatever god do, he do it for our good.

Always remember u have been send on earth for a special work and that special work needs special tools and that is why everybody has not the same type of talents. Just what u need is to complete that work by believing on your tools because if u will not believe on them then they will also not believe u. The most amazing thing is that success never shows u the way it only tell u need to go straight but it's failures who guide us and rectify us. But instead of loving them we hate it.

So guys be ready and give your best to the next thing in your life whether u got success or not in CPT. So that u can be guided to the most beautiful way made for you only!!

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