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Update on energy.

I am not the smartest person in the world, but you would have to be an imbecile not to see what was going to happen with the people that we in trusted with our energy future.

Now we hear the same old rhetoric that happens every time the price of fuel goes up. The news outlets and even our elected official are controlled from these behemoth corporations. We have given them absolute control over our lives, with no recourse from anyone empowered to do anything to control them.

I have screamed about what we have to do, to no avail. All this information that has been written has been ignored. This information has been sent to our elected officials, news agencies, talk shows host and anyone that would listen to what needs to be implemented with no response.

If ideas presented, are not implemented, or something close to these ideas, then the United States as we know it, will become a third-world country.

These multinational energy corporations have no allegiance to any country. Their only allegiance is to their own bottom line, and they will do everything in their power to maintain a strangle hold over our energy supply to improve their bottom line...

If history is any indications of what these corporations are capable of doing and we do nothing to restrain them, then we deserve what we get. Just send them all your money in the guise of higher food cost, heating and cooling of your home, Clothing, etc. We are at their mercy, for what they can extract from us, in the form of higher energy cost.

Tell your children they will have to cut back on their milk consumption, as the price has risen to the point of not being affordable any longer.

Everything requires some sort of energy and the cost of this energy will determine how much has to be added to the cost of the product.

The cost of energy on a product is not an easy thing to calculate. We know there is a domino effect on the end cost of any product reaching the consumer. Just think about it, the farmer or the manufacture pays higher prices for their supplies and higher cost for energy to make their products. Their shipping cost are higher and don’t forget the store energy cost for marketing the end product. Oh yes you have to drive to the store to buy the product so add this additional cost to the product.

So you see the cost of energy is a massive problem to the stability of our economy and every person’s survival. This goes well beyond the excessive cost of energy. The negative impact of an excessive amount of money leaving this country paying for our own oil will destroy our way of life. We have to stop importing oil over some period of time, and we need to keep the money paid for our own oil here, and not let it leave this country. This will put a stop to trillions of dollars leaving the United States. Only United States companies based here in the United States can have access to our natural resources.  The government has not done its job to stop the flow of our own money leaving this country.

They are controlled by these behemoth corporations which has the money to buy and sell our elected officials. We need to take the control from our elected officials as we are unable to trust them to do the right thing!!!! By putting referendums on the ballot to control access to our natural resources we would be able to correct the problem of all this money leaving the United States.

One prime example of the effect of excessive energy cost is on the vacation/RV industry. This is a homegrown industry, which cannot be exported and is being wiped out from excessive fuel prices. The retired snow birds are unable to travel as much, they are on fixed incomes and can no longer afford to travel very often, which has a negative effect on all vacations sites that they use to support.

To prevent the destruction of our economy from the excessive cost of energy. The Department of Energy was formed under President Jimmy Carter in 1977 to oversee that we have a plentiful supply of energy, at an affordable price. What a fantastic job they have done!!!! They cost us over 24billion dollars a year to oversee that we have affordable energy. This is a government agency that has run amuck and has gotten so large that it is impossible for them to operate in any form, let alone help increase the amount of energy available and keeping energy affordable.

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                                                                  COST OF ENERGY, A NATIONAL SECURITY ISSUE,

                                                                                AND AN ECONOMIC DISASTER!

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Just a thought:

The government lets these multinational Corporations extract our own natural resources from government leases. Then the government lets them sell our own oil back to us at the oil cartel controlled price.

This is bad enough but what is even worst is most of the money leaves the United States and only a small amount is left in our country. We are talking about a net income of 135.5 Billion dollars and a gross income of 1,581.8 Billion dollars, rounded off 1.6 Trillion dollars. Like I have said, energy is not a commodity and should not be treated as such. It is a utility and if we don’t change how we handle this growing monster, then the United States will be bankrupt.

I hear these clowns in congress are trying to cut the budget by 100 billion dollars for the physical year. Have I gone crazy are should we be worrying about the cost of energy that affects every Person in this country and is the most eminent danger that this country is facing.

Just think they are talking about oil at 200 dollars a barrel and the government is talking about carbon tax. If oil reaches anything close to this price then the so-called recovery that we are experiencing will stop and the economy will be sent into a deep depression, the likes of which we have never experienced!

This is economic terrorism at its best, to wreak havoc on the American people. I am telling you when people are unable to afford the necessities of life, you better look out, and especially when the government had the power to stop this from happening, and they did nothing about it.


                                                                                            IS THE OIL MORE EXPENSIVE?


                                                                              I MEAN DID THE OIL COST MORE TO PRODUCE?


                                                                LOOK AT THE PROFITS OF THE OIL COMPANIES, DID THEY GO UP?



                                                          THIS WILL BE THE NEXT TOPIC THE CLOWNS WILL BE TALKING ABOUT!

Thank you for reading my rant.

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