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This describes the emptiness I felt until I met the man who changed my life.

There once lived a gentle soul that was viciously taken way back in 1984.
She lived a brief life, had a good time and then she was no more.
Her dreams came true, her life was happy; she was loved so very much.
But when she died, she was cold and alone without a human touch.
She begged to be mourned and refused to move on until her death was accepted.
But she was ignored and pushed to the side after her life was intercepted.
"Deal with me soon or be lost forever," she begged, "You must allow your heart to be revealed."
"My time here is running out," she cried, "Somehow you must begin to heal."

Two years passed as she patiently waited to give it another try.
She loved her shell, but now she knew she had to say goodbye.
Then one day, she got her wish, the shell's heart was beginning to open.
She did not know what opened the heart, but she never gave up hoping.
“The love I sense inside your heart, has helped your wounds to heal."
"Open your heart and let him in, his love for you is powerful and real."
"It's time for me to go, it's his turn now.  He will teach you acceptance and how to forgive."
"The pain will fade and your strength will grow as this man shows you how to really live."
As she was leaving, she caught a glimpse of a smile as he wrapped her in his arms.
He will protect her forever, she proudly thought, and always keep her safe from harm.

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