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Mr. Hardin spanks his new bunny girl.
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The Spanking

Shaundra Morgan heard the knock. She looked through the view glass and saw Bodo standing outside. A shiver went down her spine. Bodo was Manny Hardin’s henchman and driver. She loosened the security chain and cracked the door.

“What do you want ?”

“I’ve a note for you,” he said, extending an envelope.

“Thanks,” she said and closed the door. Walking to the window she opened and read the card inside.


I want you to memorize this limerick.

I have a young girl in mind
Of a sort that I’m trying to find
And what I must tell her
Could get a dumb feller
Into one hell of a bind.

Destroy this card and tell no one of its contents.


Shaundra took the courtesy matches from atop the desk and went into the bathroom. There she burned the letter and envelope, letting the ashes fall into the commode. Then she took the bristle track brush and swished the contents about in the water. Satisfied that only the smallest ash particulate remained, she flushed it all down the drain. As she finished the phone rang.

“Good morning sweetheart,” said Manny.

“Good morning," Mr. Hardin, she replied.

“Put on your Bunny Costume.”

The door was unlocked when Manny arrived. Her ears drooped down about her shoulders.

He smiled. “It’s been reported that a man of color, stopped by with a message. Care to explain what that was all about?“

She bowed her head.

“Give it to me “ he demanded.

“I destroyed it .“

“What did it say?”

She shook her head…

“I wrote the damn thing you dumb-assed bitch. Don't you suppose I'd know what I wrote?... Duh?”

She stood mute….

“Cat got your tongue…?” He pushed her rudely backward. “I hate it when a woman sulls up…” He went over to the bed. "Why don’t you just tell me, so we can dispense with all the bull shit".

She remained silent.

“Then we’ll do it the hard way. Lay your black ass down across my knees.”

She reached back, unbuttoning the buttocks flap of her one piece costume.

“Why don’t you make it easy on yourself?”

She shook her head. “Then get over here.”

Obediently, she walked over and laid across his lap.

“Smack!” Mr. Hardin gave her fanny a spank.

She startled with a yelp. "That hurts!"

“Then tell me your stupid secret."

"...but you said not to."

"Say it anyway...,“

Shaundra clutched her jaw in defiance.

“Smack!” he gave another swat.

"Ouch!" she whimpered and began squirming in his lap. Underneath his pants she felt an erection straining up against her stomach.

“Swack!” He spanked again, snapping his wrist.

“Please stop!” She cried painfully.

“Then quit holding out on me.” He reached down and pulled off his leather belt. “Do I have to give you a taste of the strap?”

“No, please don’t,” she pleaded tearfully, "Why are you being so cruel to me?"

He doubled it over and cracked the two sides together….It resonated loudly.

“Because you’re being disobedient and keeping secrets from the boss. Why don’t you just 'fess up?"

She remained defiant.

“Get up!” he snapped. "I know what you need."

As Shaundra came off, Manny stood and dropped his trousers. He slipped his boxers down over his hips and brandished his erect phallus, swinging it back and forth.

“Before I up your ante, Jemima, when are you gonna quit fighting me?”

She looked down at the floor wondering what he had in store.

“Get out of that rabit suit,” he said, in an ugly tone.

She unzipped the front, pulling her arms from the sleeves. Excitement flashed in his eyes as her breasts spilled into open view. Her nipples were obscenely long. Pulling the fabric over her thighs she stepped out naked. He took her roughly by the arm pulling her close. As they kissed she felt the strain of his eagerness rustling amid her kinky short hairs. With a push she fell back onto the bed … him astraddle, knees nudging her legs apart.

“Put it in,” he ordered.

She reached low taking the girth and spread, squirming underneath. As the tip muscled inside, she felt him poise and braced for the thrust of his hips. She groaned throwing her head back as he slammed deep into her. Rearing, he asserted himself once more with the same insistant urgency. In abject submission she surrendered. Up and down, back and forth, in and out, he exhorted as she endured the goading of his prod. Without intending, her body began warming to his unrelenting stroke and and a tingle began welling inside. In the climax of their love making he gave his all and she took his measure. In the clutch of ta final embrace, they reveled, trembling in those last exertions of pleasure.

"Oh, momma!" she cried out, imploring him in the throes of orgasm. " Don’t stop, don’t stop." In a veritible frenzy she thrashed wildly about and screamed, "Oh my Gawd.!" It was an intense and lingering groan of passion. As she arched, he held her hips to the bed and exploded in long spasms of viscus lust.

"Nice fucking ride!" he muttered breathing hard, "Very nice indeed "

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