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Megan and Jennifer have an interesting time at the ball.
With Mr. Austen away, Mrs. Austen, Jane, Cassandra, Megan and Jennifer seemed relaxed. Jane played the piano and sang. Megan and Jennifer practiced dancing for the ball. Jennifer danced with a pillow and Mrs. Austen laughed. Megan was singing Taylor Swift's song "Back To December". Megan forget where she was and was thinking about her husband Damon and Miles. Jane stopped playing the piano and asked Megan if this was a song she wrote. Megan blushed.

"No, a friend of mine wrote that song." Megan had never met Taylor but she didn't what else to say.

"Sounds sad but beautiful. I have never heard a song like that before." Jane smiled but looked puzzled.

"Music in London is different. You know city people. They live at a faster pace." Jennifer chimed in.

"I have heard. That was beautiful. You ladies never fail to amuse me. I am glad you are here. I have learned so much from you two." Jane smiled.

It was getting dark and Mrs. Austen said she was going to retire for the night. Jane and Cassandra kissed their mother good night. Megan wished they had movies to watch or could go on the computer but not in 1800's England. Megan missed the present at night and sometime she missed working the midnight shift at her job in the present.

Cassandra went to bed and Jane went to her desk to write. Megan and Jennifer went to their room. They got ready for bed.

"Why were you singing "Back To December?" Jennifer asked Megan.

"I miss Damon and I feel like I am going to hurt Miles. I need to apologize to them both. I am attracted to Manolito. What kind of woman am I? I feel like I am cheating on Damon." Megan looked sad.

"If it makes you feel any better, Damon hasn't even been born." Jennifer put her arm around Megan.

"I know. I am going to bed and have sweet dreams. I wish I would have bought those dream catchers with me that you bought me." Megan yawned.

"Just think of Miles. Damon hasn't been born, yet." Jennifer bought out the candle. The smell of the candle wasn't as good as the ones you get at Bath and Body or Yankee Candle. Jennifer missed the present, too but she didn't want to leave Bradley.

Megan dreamed of Miles and she dreamed they were on the Titanic just like Jack and Rose. In this dream, Jack lived. Megan woke up and smiled. At least the dream ended up happily. Jennifer dreamed of Bradley and living at his plantation.

Morning came quickly. Megan and Jennifer had breakfast and Megan told Jennifer about her dream.

"Maybe you and Miles will end up together. That would be a good thing." Jennifer hummed. All she could think about was the ball.

Mrs. Austen, Jane and Cassandra had gotten up early. Megan and Jennifer had slept in. Jennifer said she needed to go outside and Megan knew what Jennifer was going to do. Jennifer went to the woods to smoke. Megan prayed she didn't set the woods on fire.

Megan helped Jane with her quilt. Jane whispered to Megan: "Is Jennifer out smoking?"

Megan nodded. Jane smiled. She envied Megan and Jennifer.

Jennifer came back a half hour later and helped with the quilt. Mrs. Austen was making out dinner menus for next week.

It was Noon and the ladies had lunch. Jennifer thought time was going way too slow. She wished that she stayed at Bradley's. All of a sudden, it started to rain. Great! Too bad they didn't have a way to predict the weather back then. Luckily, the rain lasted two hours and the sun came out.

Megan and Jennifer got out the curling iron and Megan curled her hair with it. Jennifer done hers and it seemed to take forever.

Megan bowed to Jennifer and said in a manly voice" May, I have this dance, lovely lady?"

Jennifer took Megan's hand and they pretended to dance. They burst out laughing. Just then Mrs. Austen knocked on the door and told the women it was time for dinner. Megan and Jennifer went to dinner and had some chicken, mashed potatoes and chocolate cake. Their lunch had been vegetable soup. They didn't take much time to eat but they were anxious to put their dresses on. They went back upstairs and got dressed.

Megan put on her purple dress and put a shawl over the bodice. Jennifer loved her low cut blue dress and she didn't put her shawl on. They wore pearls around their neck that they had borrowed from Vicki. Megan was nervous and they heard Mr. Austen's voice downstairs. Jennifer jumped. She decided to put her shawl over her low cut dress. She would reveal herself at the ball.

"You look beautiful, Jen." Megan said.

"So do you." Jennifer bounced around the room.

"Shall we go downstairs?" Megan asked.

"Let's do," Jennifer and Megan walked downstairs.

Mr. Austen looked at them. "Ladies. I trust you will have a good time."

They bowed and almost lost their shawls. Luckily, everything stayed in place. Megan and Jennifer hoped Bradley and Miles would show up soon. They sat in the winged back chairs as the clock chimed and it was six 'o'clock. Mr. Austen drank a brandy and Jennifer wanted to ask for one but she didn't dare.

Luckily, a carriage pulled up and it was Bradley and Miles. Bradley had bought his enclosed white carriage with the lanterns on the outside. There was a knock on the door and Mr. Austen answered the door. Bradley and Miles were at the door. Jennifer's heart beat fast and Megan was excited, too.

Bradley whistled. He wanted to hug and kiss Jennifer and Miles wanted to do the same to Megan. They shook Mr. Austen's hand and Miles held out his arm to Megan and she took it. "You look beautiful." He kissed her cheek. Megan thought that he looked more like Leo all the time. Her heart skipped a beat. Bradley took Jennifer's arm and they said good bye to Mr. Austen, Jane and Cassandra. Megan and Jennifer hoped Jane and Cassandra would have a good time.

The men helped the ladies into the carriage and Bradley hit his hand on the roof signaling for the driver to take off. The carriage had red plush seats and Megan and Jennifer felt like queens. Megan knew how Cinderella felt.

Bradley kissed Jennifer and Miles kissed Megan.

"I am sure glad you showed up. Mr. Austen makes me uneasy. I feel so sorry for Mrs. Austen, Jane and Cassandra. Megan and I are moving in with Vicki and Bill tomorrow."

"You can move in with me." Bradley's eyes twinkled.

"How would that look? People seem so uptight in this time period." Jennifer said.

"Time period?" Bradley was puzzled.

"This part of the country." Jennifer was embarrassed.

Bradley knew Jennifer wasn't like other women and that is why he loved her.

Miles grabbed Megan's hand and looked into her eyes. It was getting darker and the temperature was just comfortable. The rest of the ride was quiet and Bradley and Jennifer were kissing. They arrived at the O'Mallory's. The O'Mallory's house was a big white house that wasn't as nice as Bradley's and Miles but was big enough for a ball. Bradey and Miles got out of the carriage and helped Jennifer and Megan out. They could hear the music and Jennifer was ready to dance. They walked to the door and a red headed woman in a green dress greeted them. This was Mrs. O'Mallory. She looked Irish and Mr. O'Mallory looked Irish, too and had an accent. Jennifer and Megan took off their shawls and Bradley and Miles liked the low cut dresses. The men had their hormones going that was for sure.

Bradley introduced Jennifer to Phillp Larson, a lawyer and his date, Abigail Morris, a shy blonde. There were older men and young ladies looking for husbands. Miles introduced Megan to several people. There was a ship builder, lawyers, politicians and women that were young that reminded Megan of her when she was in high school. Finally, Vicki and Bill showed up along with Gretchen and Angel. They all hugged each other. Megan asked Vicki if she and Jennifer could move in with her and Bill. Vicki was delighted. Gretchen had on an apricot dress and Angel was wearing a pink dress.

Angel whispered to Megan: "You and Jennifer are so brave to wear those low cut dresses."

"If you got it, flaunt it." Megan laughed. She had more then she needed when it came to breasts but she tried not to dwell on it.

Miles asked Megan if she was ready to dance and she nodded. Jennifer and Bradley were already dancing and Megan and Miles joined hands and danced. Megan hoped that she wouldn't goof or fall. Megan loved dancing. She looked over at Jennifer and Bradley and they were kissing. Everyone looked at them and grasped. Megan smiled. She would like to take these people to her time and show them what life was like and how to break loose and have fun.

The Austens had arrived and Jane and Cassandra were dancing with two men. Must of been the Hanes boys. Nathan had buck teeth and two left feet. Stanley was clumsy, too and fell down. Cassandra and Jane looked miserable. Jennifer noticed, too and Megan told Miles she would be back. She saw two young good looking men and she approached them. Miles wasn't happy. Megan introduced herself to the young men and asked if they would mind dancing with Jane and her sister Cassandra. Robert Maline and his brother Neil said they would and they cut in on the Hanes brothers. Megan returned to Miles and he kissed her cheek. Jane and Cassandra seemed happy as the Maline brothers danced with them.

"That was a nice thing you did. I thought you were flirting with them at first. You are so nice to help out your friends like that. That is why I love you." Miles hugged Megan. Everyone looked at them. Megan didn't care.

"Jane and Cassandra were miserable. Those brothers were embarrassing and I had to rescue them." Megan looked at Miles. She wanted to say I love you but she couldn't. Maybe someday.

Just then someone bumped into them. Mr. Trumble! The dancing toad.

"Excuse me." Mr. Trumble said.

"Quite alright." Miles said.

Mr. Trumble looked out of breath and was all red. He couldn't breathe.

"Are you alright?" Megan asked.

"No. I am going to pass out. My chest hurts." Mr. Trumble tried to get a chair to sat down but the poor man fainted.

"Jennifer! Come over here, quick!" Megan yelled.

Jennifer ran over to Megan. "Mr. Trumble had a heart attack. We need to do CPR now!"

Megan put her ear to Mr. Trumble's mouth. No breathing. She checked for a pulse. No pulse. Megan gave Mr. Trumble two quick breaths and Jennifer started chest compressions.

"What are they doing? They are kissing him! What kind of women are they? How disgusting!" said one woman.

"They are witches! We should hang them!" said a man.

"They aren't witches! They are ladies trying to help this man. Do you know what to do to help? Do you want to fight? yelled Bradley. He put up his fists.

"That goes double for me! These women are angels!" Miles put his fists and glared at people.

Mr. Austen spoke up. "These ladies have been guests of mine and they have a different code of scruples but they would never hurt anyone. I am certain they have a reason for doing what they are doing to help Mr. Trumble."

Megan and Jennifer continued CPR and a man came up to them and introduced himself as Dr. Aston. Mr. Trumble coughed and was breathing again. Dr. Aston had his medical bag and examined Mr. Trumble. He instructed some men to take Mr. Trumble to a room so he could lay down. Miles, Bradley and four other men carried Mr. Trumble to the guest room that Mrs. O'Mallory directed them to.

People were looking and whispering. Dr. Aston said to everyone: "These women saved Mr. Trumble's life. He had a heart attack and these women knew what to do. They aren't witches. They weren't kissing him. They were helping him breathe and they massaged his heart and got it to beating. I am going to check on Mr. Trumble and you people should be respectful to these ladies."

Megan and Jennifer thanked Dr. Aston and said they worked as nurses in London. Other people came up to Megan and Jennifer and shook their hand and treated them like heroes. Bradley and Miles came back and took Megan and Jennifer away.

"I am so proud of you. You saved that man's life." Miles hugged Megan.

"You and Megan knew what to do. I didn't know what was happening but I didn't doubt you for a minute. You are amazing!" Bradley beamed at Jennifer.

"I heard you and Miles threaten to take those people on. I would be lost without you." Jennifer looked like a school girl in love.

Just then Mr. O'Mallory announced what Mr. Trumble was going to be alright and the dance was going to continue. He asked that everyone applaud Megan and Jennifer. A thunder of applause was heard and the band started to play.

Jennifer and Bradley went back on the dance floor and so did Megan and Miles and other couples. A man with piercing blue eyes and dark hair and a mustache cut in and asked Megan if he could dance with her. Miles nodded and Megan danced with the man. The dance lasted a minute longer and Jennifer went to get punch. Megan decided to dance with the man for another dance. A blonde pretty girl named Samantha came up to Bradley and he danced with her. Jennifer came back with her punch and tried not to be jealous The dance ended and the blonde kissed Bradley and Bradley backed away two seconds later but Jennifer was fuming. She went up to the blonde and poured her punch all over her. "You hussy!" Jennifer hissed. People gasped. The blonde girl was embarrassed and ran out of the room. Jennifer walked away and Megan was going to go after her but Miles pulled her back.

"Bradley will handle it. The blonde kissed him and he did push her away and Jennifer gave the girl some punch." Miles smiled and Megan thought she would melt. She hoped Bradley and Jennifer would be alright. Bradley might end up with a black eye. Poor man.

Jennifer ran out to the terrace with Bradley on her heels. "Jennifer, slow down. That blonde kissed me and I pushed her away. I am sorry. Don't be jealous. You gave the girl a punch bath and that red punch will stain but I don't care bout that. I care about us. I care about you. I love you."

A young couple near by had been kissing and were embarrassed but Bradley and Jennifer weren't worried about them.

"I got get some punch and I come back and a blonde bimbo dances with you and lays one on you. I am pissed! Are you cheating on me? Would you like some punch and I don't mean a drink over the head! I a talking about a black eye or a kick to the groin!" Jennifer's eyes spit fire.

Bradley was embarrassed. "Darling, your language. I pushed the woman away. I asked you to move in for me. Marry me. That would be even better. I love you. My heart is yours. All of me belongs to you including my groin. I would buy you anything you want. Just forgive me. The blonde kissed me. If I was groping her, you would have every right to be mad. Just come back in with me and we will dance to every dance. I can't live without you. You are my only love. I would give you the moon, the stars and fly away with you on Pegasus. I will slay all your dragons, stake the vampires what ever you want, my Princess. I love you dearly." Bradley got down on his knees.

Jennifer laughed. "I love you, too. Get back up. I am not ready to get married but I do want to be with you. I may be live with you. If I ever catch you with someone else, I will make good on my threats. I love that you will slay dragons and stake vampires for me." Jennifer threw her arms around Bradley and they kissed for a long while. "Shall we get back to the dance? You will dance with me to all the dances. If that blonde comes back, she is toast!"

"I will do anything for you. All my dances are with you. You saved a life tonight. You and Megan are so good. Remember, the marriage proposal still stands. When you are ready. My house is always open for you to move in." Bradley and Jennifer walked arm in arm back into the ball. Megan and Miles smiled. Miles whispered: "Bradley loves her. I knew they would be alright. I want the same for us."

Bradley and Jennifer danced as did Megan and Miles. Everyone was having a good time and some woman screamed. A small goat had entered the ball. He spilled the punch all over the floor and broke the bowl. He was eating food and bumping into guests. The goat ran into Mr. Austen and he lost his balance and fell into the cake. Megan rolled her eyes. The adventure was never ending!

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