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The adventure and chaos at the ball is still going on.
People were screaming and yelling as the goat started eating the wood on the piano. One man grabbed his gun. Megan ran over to the brown and white goat. She kneeled down and held out her arms.

"Come here, little fellow. No one is going to hurt you." The goat walked over to Megan and she scooped him up in her arms. The man with the gun came over. "Sir, put that gun away or you will be wearing that gun where the sun doesn'r shine." The man backed away and muttered "Sorry."

The goat started to chew on the bodice of Megan's dress and Miles grabbed Megan's shawl and put it over her low cut dress. "Oh, Miles, the poor little goat. Does he belong to the O'Mallory's?"

"They don't have a goat. They have cows and horses." Miles admired how Megan had affection for the little creature.

Just then Mr. and Mrs. Dawson came up to Megan. Mrs. Dawson didn't look old enough to be Miles mother. "Megan. It is so nice to see you again. I admire how you and your friend saved Mr. Trumble's life. Looks like the goat has a friend as well."

"I am afraid the poor goat is lost. Miles says he doesn't belong to the Mallory's. I think he needs a home." Megan smiled.

Vicki came up to Megan just then. "No need to worry. Bill and I are leaving and we can take him home. There is plenty of straw in the barn."

"Thanks, Vicki. I would like to have the little guy for a pet. Do you remember Mrs. Dawson? " Megan made the introductions.

Jennifer and Bradley helped Mr. Austen to his feet. His coat was all covered in cake frosting. "That pesky goat! Oh look! Megan, the angel rescued the goat. Like it needed rescuing! At least you girls saved Mr. Trumble's life. Don't think I didn't miss that scene of you pouring punch on the young women's head. You would think we were having this ball in a Brothel! Mrs. Austen! Jane and Cassandra, we are leaving now! I trust you and Miss Megan will be returning to our house tonight."

"Yes, Mr. Austen. Megan and I will be moving out tomorrow." Jennifer said.

Mr. Austen, Mrs. Austen, Jane and Cassandra left. Poor Jane thought Jennifer.

Bill and Vicki took the goat and said they would see the girls in the morning when they moved in. Angel told Megan how proud she was that her and Jennifer had saved that man's life. She and Gretchen promised to stop by in a couple of days at Vicki's. Megan hugged Angel and Gretchen.

Jennifer walked over to Megan and oulled her aside. "This has been an adventure. We saved Mr. Trumble's life. I say we make a good team. How do you suppose that goat got on?"

"I don't know. I want him for a pet. Vicki and Bill are taking him to their house. He will be my pet. I was so worried when that blonde kissed Bradley and you threw the punch on her. Did you and Bradley get things worked out?" Megan was concerned.

"Yes, we did. He asked me to marry him or said we could live together. I saw the blonde kiss Bradley and he pushed her away. I wasn't mad for long. I don't want to marry him but I do want to be with him. Since we are moving in wirh Vicki and Bill. don't expect me to be home much." Jennifer's eyes danced.

Jennifer told Megan she was going outside to smoke. She decided to see if she could get some more punch if the goat hadn't spilled it all over the floor. Jennifer got some punch and the maids wre cleaning up the mess that the goat had made. Jennifer went outside behind the barn to smoke. She lit up her cigarette and she couldn't believe what she saw! Calin kissing the blonde that had kissed Bradley!

She took the punch and threw it on Calin and the blonde! Samantha screamed. "Not you again! It is none of your business who I kiss! I hate you!" She sounded like a little girl and she ran off.

"Lovely Jennifer. We meet again. How did you like my little friend, the goat? I guess you don't like Samantha.' Calin bowed.

"You pig! You rat fink bastard! You got that girl to kiss Bradley and that poor little goat was so confused. I am going to have Bradley shoot you!" No, better yet I will do it myself!" Jennifer raised her hand and slapped Calin.

"Lovely lady. I see that you and your rich man have made up. I have to get back to the caravan. We are heading towards Ireland. Before I go." Calin grabbed Jennifer's hands and put them on his chest and unbuttoned his shirt. "See what you will be missing." He kissed Jennifer and pressed her against him. Jennifer slapped him again. Calin tipped his hat. "Until we meet again." Calin left. Jennifer threw the punch cup at him and it fell and broke. She was so mad. She finished her cigarette and walked back to the house.

Mrs. Dawson sat on the rose tapestry couch with Megan. "Miles does care for you. I haven't seen him like this over a woman since his wife died. He loves you. Do be kind to him."

"I will. I promise. I care for him, too." Megan smiled.

"I expect you and Miles to join us for dinner next week. Miles lives in the guest hiuse. We give him his privacy." Mrs. Dawson drank her tea. Mr. Dawson came in the room and smiled at Megan. Miles looked a lot like him. He looked at his wife. "Shall we go home, my Dear?"

Mrs. Dawson stood up and hugged Megan. "See you next week." Megan said she would.

Jennifer walked back into the house. No one else was around. Jennifer sat on the couch. "Megan, Calin was here. I was outside smoking and he was kising that bimbo! I bet she is doing him! I don't care but he let that goat in and he got that blonde vixen to kiss Bradley! He says the caravan is going to Ireland. He had the nerve to kiss me and put my hands on his chest and rubbed his body against me! He is a pig! I hate him!"

"Why are you blushing? I am so sorry that Calin behaved like that to you. At least you know for sure that the blonde kissing Bradley was Calin's doing. Was Manolito with him?" Megan asked.

"No. I didn'r see him. I AM NOT BLUSHING! Don't you dare tell Miles or Bradley!"

"I won't. Calin won't hurt you. Let's just hope the gypsies are done causing chaos." Megan sighed.

Just then Bradley and Miles came into the room. "Are you ladies ready to go home?" Bradley asked.

"Yes." Jennifer said. She hugged Bradley so tight. He whispered that they could hug on the way home and cuddle. Jennifer smiled. Miles told Megan that went double for him.

Miles put his arm around Megan and Bradley put his arm around Jennifer and they got in the carriage.

"I wander where that poor goat came from." Bradley said.

"He probably got lost and was disoriented but Megan befriended him." Miles said.

Jennifer cuddled up to Bradley and smiled. Beadley whispered and asked if she would stay with him tomorrow night. She said that she would.

The moon was bright and Megan hoped that there weren't any highway men ot worse, yet Manolito and Calin didn't do anything. Megan was tired and she laid her head down on Miles lap. She promised his mother that she would be nice to Miles and she did care for him. She was glad she was in the past. She couldn't face n Damon in the present with her so called boyfriend. She loved Miles. She would tell him but not right now. Like Scarlett O'Hara said in Gone With The Wind. Tomorrow is another day.

They were home at the Austens. Miles kissed Megan good night and said he woulod stop by Vicki and Bill's tomorrow night. Bradley kissed Jennifer and said he would be over tomorrow night. The carriage left and Megan and Jennifer quietly walked into the Austens' house. Everyone was in bed. Megan was glad. Jennifer wanted one last smoke and went back outside. She went to the woods ro smoke. It was spooky but Jennifer wasn't worried. She finished her cigarette and just then she saw the wolf. It howled and Jennifer ran to the house and didn't look back. She got in the house and ran upstairs to her and Megan's room.

"Megan, I just saw that wolf! I didn't see those vampires because I ran like crazy. I am going to put the dresser in front of the bedroom door."

Megan and Jennifer put the dresser in front of the door. They looked outside and there was the wolf! Crap! What did he want? At least they didn't see the vampires. The night at the ball had been eventful. Now, the wolf again. The girls made sure the window was secure and closed the blinds. Jennifer was thinking she should move in with Bradley. She would feel safer. Megan wasn't sure where she would be safe at.

Megan and Jennifer slept good that night. They got up the next morning, moved the dresser away from the door. No wolf had gotten in during the night. They ate breakfast with the Austens. Just some muffins and oat meal.

"I will miss having you here but we can visit." Jane drank her tea.

"Of course we can. We will miss you, too. We love you." Megan patted Jane's hand.

Mr. Austen read his paper and was quiet.

After breakfast, Megan and Jennifer got thir dresses ready and put them in a trunk that Jane loaned them. Bill and Vicki arrived a few minutes later. Megan and Jennifer hugged Jane.,Mrs. Austen and Cassandra. Mr. Austen wished them well. Jennifer and Megan left for Vicki and Bill in their carriage. Vicki commented on what a pretty day it was. Jennifer hoped that Calin wasn't around. She had enough of his antics.

Megan and Jennifer had their own rooms at Vicki and Bill's. Megan's room was like a tower and she loved it. Jennifer had a nice big room. She liked her room. She was going to stay with Bradley tonight. She picked up a pillow and smiled.

Megan and Jennifer had tea with Vicki. Vicki was sewing a dress. She seemed to like being in this era. Megan missed watching TV but she knew Miles would be by later. She didn't know what she would have done if he wasn't here.

Bradley arrived and Jennifer told Megan she would see her in a couple of days. Megan hugged her friend. She would miss her. Bradley and Jennifer left for his plantation. Miles showed up. Megan hugged Miles and they kissed for quite awhile. She felt safe with him. "I love you, Miles."

"I love you, too. Come home with me." Megan wasn't sure what to do but she did love being in this era.

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