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Two of Megan and Jennifer's friends want to return to the present.
Jennifer loved being at Bradley's. She felt like his home was her home and Bradley felt the same way. She thought about marrying him but decided now wasn't the time. Bradley wanted to go on a picnic and Jennifer put together a basket of chicken, apples, bananas, plum pudding{why the English liked plum pudding, she would never know!}, fresh home made wheat bread and gingerbread cookies. The cook had made the bread and cookies and would have packed the picnic basket but Jennifer wanted to do it herself. She would love being with him the next two days.

Bradley came into the kitchen. He came up behind Jennifer and kissed her. Jennifer smiled.

"Hey! The servants will see you."

"It is my home and I can do what I want. I am not breaking any laws."

The young couple laughed and kept kissing.

Megan hadn't answered Miles about staying with him. She decided against it.They went out riding horses and Megan saw the wolf. The wolf. Why was he always around? Miles hadn't seen him. Megan was glad. The wolf ran into the woods. He didn't want Miles to see him.The wolf was keeping a eye on Megan. He had promised his son Manolito that he would. The wolf wasn't going to hurt anyone.

They stopped by a stream to water the horses.

"You haven't answered me. I want you to stay with me at my house. My parents won't bother us."

"We can see each other when ever you want. I have no plans. I won't be returning to my job in London. Jennifer, either. I have been thinking of helping out at the library in Bath." Megan picked a lavender flower off the ground.

"I guess I will be content to see you when ever I can. I would ask you to marry me but you already are. What about your husband? We need to talk about him." Miles looked sad.

"He is far away. He doesn't live in London. He is in America. He has business there and I don't know when he will be back." The part about being in America wasn't a lie.

"He has left you? If you were my wife, I would never leave. I love you. Lucky for me, he isn't in England." Miles came over to Megan and put his arms around her.

Megan cuddled up in Miles arms. He sighed. "My offer still stands. Your husband being in America, there is no reason yiu can't stay with me. Miles kissed Megan. Miles didn't know the half of it.

Bradley and Jennifer took the carriage out and went into the woods. They found a quiet place to have their picnic. Jennifer set the food out on the ground on the green checked table cloth.

"A feast fit for a king." Bradley's eyes sparkled.

"I agree. Hey! Did you bring any cigarettes? I may need a smoke later."

"Would I forget my favorite girl?

"Favorite? Like the blonde Bimbo you kissed?"

"You are my only girl and my favorite woman. You know that I don't kiss Bimbos. I don't know what a Bimbo is but I guess she isn't a respectable woman. You know thatI will never kiss another. Trust me, my Goddess Jennifer." Bradley stood up and bowed.

Jennifer laughed. "Get up. The birds think you are crazy. Oh! Look! There is a duck."

A brown duck was floating in the stream. Jennifer could have swore the duck winked. Surely, Calin hadn't changed himself into a duck!

The duck floated out of sight. Bradley laughed. "A friend of yours?"

"He is a cute duck." If Jennifer told Bradley that she thought that duck was Calin, he would think she was crazy. Worse, yet, he would have probably shot the defenseless creature. If it really was Calin, maybe she should have Bradley shoot it.

Thunder sounded just then. Bradley told Jennifer they should head back to the house. They packed up their picnic lunch and got back into the carriage to go back to the plantation. Jennifer lit up a cigarette. She was going to smoke before it rained.

Miles and Megan had heard the thunder and got back on their horses. They went back to Bill and Vicki's. Megan was surprised to see Gretchen and Angel. They were having tea with Vicki and Bill. Bill greeted Miles and suggested they go have a brandy in the parlor. Miles told Megan that he would talk to her later.

Megan hugged Gretchen and Angel. When Miles and Bill were out of ear shot, Angel had a sad look on her face.

"Megan I love you and Gretchen does, too. We love Jennifer, Vicki and Bill. We like Jane but we aren't happy here." Angel said in a soft voice.

"Do you know where Manolito is? We want to go home." Gretchen was nearly in tears.

"Yes, I can get a hold of Manolito. I am sorry you aren't happy here. When do you want me to contact Maniloto?"

"As soon as possible. It can wait until Jennifer comes home in a couple of days. We want to see her before you contact Manolito.We hope that Manolito doesn't make you uncomfortable." Angel said.

"I can handle Manolito. I love you two and I hate to see you leave. Jennifer and I have boyfriends and that is why we aren't in a hurry to leave. Gretchen, I know you miss Kenny and Angel, I know you miss Phillip." Angel, Gretchen and Megan hugged. Vicki joined in the group hug as well.

"I will miss you. Jennifer will, too." Megan couldn't expect Angel and Gretchen to stay.

Just then it thundered and rained. Megan thought she heard the wolf howling. When she saw Manolito, she was going to tell him to take his father with him.

Megan excused herself and went upstairs. She found the moonstone in the dresser draw where she had left it. She didn't want to lose it since Gretchen and Angel wanted to go home.

Miles and Bill joined the ladies in the living room. Miles didn't have a clue. He smiled. "So can gentlemen join the Ladies Circle?"

Megan smiled. She held out her arms to Miles and he embraced her and they shared a quick kiss. The storm subsided and it was getting late. Miles left and told Megan that he would see her in a couple of days. He and Bradley were going to England a couple of days after that. Megan hoped that Bradley and Miles didn't find out that she and Jennifer had never been to London and no one knew them. Maybe she and Jennifer should go back to the present with Gretchen and Angel. How she could tell Miles she was from the present?

Bradley and Jennifer enjoyed their afternoon. Jennifer wished she could call Megan on her cell phone but Megan didn't have her phone turned on in the present. Megan only used her cell for emergencies. She hoped that the wolf wasn't bothering Megan.

"After today and tomorrow and when I take you home, Miles and I are going to London on business and I won't see you for three days."

LONDON. CRAP. Jennifer hoped that they didn't ask anyone in London about her and Megan. They didn't exist. At least not in 1800's London.

"Any thing wrong, Darling?" Bradley asked.

"Of course not. Why don't we have some "love" time?" Jennifer needed to hang on to her man. Bradley laughed. He locked the door and he and Jennifer walked upstairs kissing with their arms around each other.

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